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    I see the world in a slightly skewed way. Everyone has a wonderful flower inside just waiting to burst forth...and when I can help others to see that in themselves...maybe, just maybe, therre will be WORLD PEACE!!!

Coming out…

Today I am coming out.  I have fought this a long time.  I can no longer live a lie.  I have PTSD.  I don’t want your sympathy.  This is not an excuse.  I just want you to understand why I am moody or cranky sometimes.  I deal with this constantly, and usually keep it under … Continue reading

Interesting Answers

Not sure if I will get the position, but here are my answers.  1.      Why are you interested in this job? By working as an Academic Advising Center Graduate Assistant, I will be able to help others students continue on their educational journey. 2.      Of what accomplishment are you most proud? Taking one single step … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton’s Speech to the United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women: Defining the Plight of Women or Redefining her own Persona?

 Why study a speech delivered in a foreign country to a limited audience is important? This is a wonderful question that becomes the premise of this paper. To understand this speech’s importance in the world of rhetoric, we must look at the background of the Hillary Clinton’s address to the United Nations Fourth World Conference … Continue reading


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