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    I see the world in a slightly skewed way. Everyone has a wonderful flower inside just waiting to burst forth...and when I can help others to see that in themselves...maybe, just maybe, therre will be WORLD PEACE!!!

Why I hate riding my bike…

I’ve spent many hours riding my bicycle over the past 3 years with over 2500 miles in East Texas and another 350 miles in around Indianapolis since July. I have ridden on the most pleasant days with mild breezes and awesome temperatures.  I have also ridden in fog, rain, sleet, hail, and snow.  I “enjoyed” riding … Continue reading

Two months in Indy…

We have been in Indianapolis for 2 months now.  We know all our neighbors, and in true Southern fashion, taken them all some sort of dessert treats.  We have a great Church family.  We are slowly teaching these folks how to speak correctly. The don’t know about old Cooter Brown, how to do the Cotton … Continue reading

Happy (right) or Happier?

Mama always said, “You can be happy (read as me being right) or happier!” So many times, I was given that choice as a youth.  One time I chose to neglect my morning chores until the VERY last minute and subsequently missed the bus.  Well, happy left my life as my mother, clad in a late … Continue reading


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