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    I see the world in a slightly skewed way. Everyone has a wonderful flower inside just waiting to burst forth...and when I can help others to see that in themselves...maybe, just maybe, therre will be WORLD PEACE!!!

Happy (right) or Happier?

Mama always said, “You can be happy (read as me being right) or happier!” So many times, I was given that choice as a youth.  One time I chose to neglect my morning chores until the VERY last minute and subsequently missed the bus.  Well, happy left my life as my mother, clad in a late … Continue reading

Faith and Fear

Sometimes when it is late in the game, you gotta punt on first down even when you’re down by 10 points. I began this particular blog in April 2011.  All it had was the title and the quote.  For some reason I quit the blog and moved on. People fear Ebola, Hamas, terrorists, marriage, etc. … Continue reading

Flat ain’t FUN

Several weeks ago, I read my friends blog about cycling.  He and his daughter were attempting to bike from Texas to Florida.  He mentioned that hills were good… (See Eastbound and Down Day 2).  I laughed as I read his daily adventures.  I never really understood the joys of East Texas hills. For those who … Continue reading


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