30 Seconds to LIVE…..

I figured a great and awesome way to finance my life…I am going to sell commercials!!!! Life sometimes seems like a TV show… sometimes it’s a sit-com…sometimes a drama…and sometimes a series that REALLY needs to be cancelled and changed for better programming!  Imagine how awesome it would be for every problem to be resolved … Continue reading

My Bucket List

Bryan Houston (@bryanhouston) posted an interesting on twitter this morning that got me to thinking.. “What’s on your list of things to do before you hit the next decade mark?” I just celebrated 38 years of inhabiting this rock called Earth…and haven’t really thought about turning 40… To me, it is just a number.  Something … Continue reading

Brakes and Break-down

As you know, Mary has been in Branson all weekend at Family Reunion while I had the opportunity to work a 48 hour shift….Still think I got hosed on this one… Well, this morning I got a frantic, CRYING phone call. IT was one of those “I wrecked the van and spilled my Coca-Cola all … Continue reading