What are “Thoughts from my crazed mind?”

Guess the best place to start is where the whole “Thoughts” came from… 

Several years ago, I was a  selfish and not happy person.  I had started Paramedic school and was busy trying to support a family, too.  I was a newlywed and had a toddler.  I was working 3 16-hour shifts and 2 24-hour shifts per week.  School and clinicals took up the rest of the time.  I was home Monday mornings and Friday morning…and sometimes Wednesday night.  It was a LONG 18 month period in life. 

Since I was working weekend nights, I slept 3-4 hours between those weekend shifts.  I quit going to Church…and since had no responsibilities such as Sunday School teacher, etc had no real reason to go.  This went on even after school was over and had a “real” schedule that would allow me to go…hence the selfish period of life.

One day, a long time friend asked me to teach the Mens’ Group on the 3rd Sunday of each month.  I was reluctant at first… but did it.  This went on for a few months.  I would only go to Mens’ Group but not attend worship service or anything else.  Then my friend asked me to teach on the 1st sunday as well.  I LOVE teaching; so, it was easy to accept. 

Here is where the Pastor comes in… He was a VERY blunt man!  He somehow managed to get me into his office one day after teaching and asked this simple question… “If the dog bites you, why do you kick the cat?”…which was followed by a very STRONG directive “Brother Deason, quit kicking the cat and get your family back in Church!!!”  I should have been offended, but it made sense. 

Don’t get me wrong…it wasn’t immediate, but over the few months, I started attending Worship and other activities as well as trying to increase spirituality in life.  However, my wife wasn’t ready YET!  So, I would dress our son each Sunday that I was off and simply leave after inviting her to come.  This went on few months before she finally hollered for me to wait a few minutes for her.  We have been active in our Church since then.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ve realized that i haven’t even started to tell about the beginning of “Thoughts from a Crazed Mind.”  That will be my next post…


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