The “Real” Start of My Crazed Thoughts

I am not sure how it works in other religions, but being a Latter-Day Saint (Mormon), here is pretty much how things work for filling Church positions like sunday School teacher, etc…

The Bishop (Pastor) comes up, puts a big old arm around you, and says, “Brother Deason, the Lord needs you!”  How can you say NO to the Lord.  I have gotten better at it lately…but when I was first overcoming my selfishness, I couldn’t.

So after a few weeks of coming back to Church, the Bishop asks to talk to me. GREAT- I knew what was coming.  But was pleasantly surprised when he asked about my wife accepting a position of responsibility.  I felt bad for laughing so hard at this man of God…but I did…and for a long time!!!

Mary, my dear sweet wife, did accept the position which was right up her alley at the time… Congregation (Ward) Publicist.  Now there are MANY positions in the Church…and I have been around a long time, but never have heard of this before.  I think they made it up just for her.  Her job was to update the Church website and basically publicize everything.  Well…she took hold and wore it out!  She began a weekly email, monthly newsletter, and got the website going.

Being married to her…and her needing articles each month due to lack of news from the other Church people… she hit me up each month for short stories and thoughts.  So, that is exactly what i did.  I talked about everything from road trips to Gilmer Buckeye football…

We did the monthly publication for 2-3 years…so i have 30+ short articles written.  Once we got involved in Scouting, the newsletter and such has kind of gone away due to lack of leader support…but mostly because for the last 3+ years, we have been working our tails off for Cub Scouts.

I got the collection of stories and re-read them and did a little editing.  I called this selection “Random Ramblings: Thoughts from a Crazed Mind”  I will probably add these plus some new ones…maybe not everyday but often.

So there you go…you now have some insight into my crazed mind!!!!

Have a great day!!!

One Response to “The “Real” Start of My Crazed Thoughts”
  1. Karen Deason Tutor says:

    I’m Proud o ya son! You said “tails.” Good job!


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