Alpha Dogs

There is a horrid gang in my neighborhood.  The run around everywhere marking their territory.  They have no regard for people or property.  They act like the own the whole place.  The gang is made of a bunch adolescent punks.  They call themselves “THE DOGS!” (pretty tough name for a gang) Their leader is called Alpha Dog….and is a GIRL!!! 

Kind of funny to watch outsiders come into the area.  The whole crew runs out and starts throwing their signs and making all sorts of noises… almost sounds like a pack of animals.  The first to “greet” the stranger is ALPHA DOG! The intruder cannot help but cower or run.  Alpha has a commanding presence.  She is a little older than the rest of the by several years.  She has seen others come and go…but she is still there to run the show despite 5 known challengers to her position.  I have never known Alpha Dog to back down from a fight…at least that is what I have been told.

Now this sounds a lot like scenes from my missionary service when I was in Compton back in 1992…but I witnessed this sight this very morning in GILMER TEXAS… A gang problem in my hometown…DRATS! 

What makes this gang more interesting than having a girl as its leader is the fact that they are one of the MOST diverse groups ever.  They have a black, 2 Germans, an Englishman, a mixed breed (don’t know what to call it), and one confused cat who is not sure what it is…but the Dogs seem to accept him and let him join in on their action!

The only benefit I can see of being the Alpha Dog is that the other Dogs seem to fawn all over her.  The Dogs take care of her needs and seem to even groom her at times.  Being the Alpha Dog doesn’t seem so bad… until you realize that she is first in line to sniff the other Dogs’ butts… 

That’s right…I said it.  Maggie the Alpha Dog is a butt sniffer…and so are the rest of the other Dogs for that matter.  The cat doesn’t seem to like this, but does enjoy licking himself as much as he can!!!

So…I can see no real benefit of being the ALpha Dog.  So next time you decide to be mean and treat other discourteously while trying to be the Alpha Dog…just remember…all you get is the first chance to sniff a butt!!!!  and somehow that makes me chuckle at all you A-types!!!

Ok…if you haven’t figure it out, Maggie is my 13 Bassett/Pit bull mix.  The sad part is that she is starting to get OLD.  She can’t walk as well as she did when our son used to ride her around the house like a hrose…and sometimes she just lays around.

Midnight-The black dog is a Lab…

Luke and Daisy- Germans are Dachshunds

Gina is the English Boxer

…and poor little Dump is the mutt.  Someone just dropped him off one day….and somehow we take pity on that ugly dog and kept him

The cat…well, he is a cat

3 Responses to “Alpha Dogs”
  1. John says:

    Deason u r a trip. At first knowing u I figured this had to be ur dogs this gang. Then u convinced half way through it, that maybe there was a real gang. Then at the end I figured out I was right from the beginning. This read like a suspense novel. I like.


  2. Tasha Wittebort says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Great!!!!!!! THANKS!!!


  3. Chandra says:

    Cracking up. Sounds like your gang is a lot of fun!


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