The Deason Family Craziness

“Attitude determines Altitude”…My mama always said that.  I like that better than the lemon thing because no matter how much sugar and ice I use, I HATE LEMONADE!!!

I have talked about my crazy family and all the fun we had.  Well…when you are the youngest of 9, there are many things that could and DID happen.  The best thing is MEMORIES.

I only briefly remember Maryland as my Father was completing his 20 year military career.  My OLDEST sister, D’ann, was in Childhood Development Class during her Senior; so, the school allowed me to go to the school-run Preschool at age 3.  I got to play with my sister everyday.  Mom even made us Indian and Pilgrim costumes out of crepe paper for Thanksgiving 1976…which was 3 weeks before we moved to Texas…which also happened to be the very last time we have had ALL the family together.

We moved to TEXAS to an old Church…5000+ square feet of fun.  I think it was harder on the older kids because they had lived in so many places and seen a lot more than the kids here in little old Gilmer.  We moved to a community where just about all of the 500 people were related.  These same people went to Church together… So basically, we had each other – just the Deasons against the world!!!

But somehow, the Deasons were waaaaayyyyyyy different from these folks.  As a whole, we had lived in several States and Germany. I am not saying we were poor, but with that many kids, we couldn’t do all the extravagant things so other people did. We did a lot of things together as a family…

It was about this time the television blew up…and Mom decided we didn’t need to replace.  So outside we went…

We built a fort in the woods.  We “rode” the pine trees…that entails, climbing the tree, rocking back and forth, and then jumping to the next tree when it came close…  Probably not the best idea…but F-U-N.  We dressed up in clown costumes and sang songs together at Church, nursing homes, schools, and more… YUP…we were freaks!  Mom even demanded one Monday evening during our weekly Family Night that we break into teams and make a family song…one to define WHO and WHAT we, the Deasons, are.

 We never complained of being bored during this time as Mom would let us play HER favorite games of “clean the house” or “mow the yard.”  So, we did plays on the stage in the house…and we sat on the front porch singing songs…or just listened to Michelle sing her latest hits for us—-ok…they weren’t hits then… but Michelle Shocked had her first concerts with us.  When I get to go to her concerts now, I still think of her playing away on the porch…and somehow that makes me smile!

Even though we haven’t been together since 1976, we are a family— I’ve got all my Sisters (and brothers) and me…  we still do email chains and basically harass each other through texts now… and those horrid 12:01 am birthday wake up calls… but that is another blog for another day…

I guess when you love each other and do so much together, time and distance don’t really matter…

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  1. Tasha Wittebort says:

    *LOVE IT*


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