Lonely “Single” Life

“I am firmly of the opinion that a large number of unmarried men, over the age of 24 years, is a dangerous element in any community.” – George Q. Cannon

I heard this quote a gazillion times growing up and knew I had several duties as young man:

  1. Earn Eagle Scout
  2. Earn Duty to God Award
  3. Serve a 2 year Mission
  4. Get married in the Temple (it’s a Mormon thing)

#1 at age 17, #2 at 18, and #3 completed at age 21.  All I had left was #4 that had to be done by 25…or risk becoming a “menace to society!”  Here’s the problem- I NEVER had a girlfriend …or for that matter, kissed a girl… before in my life.  I only had 1 “something almost like a date” in High School which was more of a mutual understanding that we were both going to the event BUT it was NOT a date!!! 

So, I did what any God-loving person would do for help or an answer…I prayed!!! 

And what happened a few weeks later proved that God has a sense of humor!  Needless to say, after 1 date that went nowhere QUICK….and I quit praying for a mate!!!!  I decided that being single was indeed miserable and lonely…but much better than THAT!!!

Over the next 4 years, I went on several dates …but never a second date. I finally gave up on the idea of being “loved” or needed and became President of the “He-man Woman Haters Club” after the former leader succumbed to the siren  call of an evil temptress.  Then…just as I had given up ALL hope…NOTHING HAPPENED…and despair set in.

Each Sunday Night, the Singles in Longview and Gilmer would get together and fellowship.  There would be a short devotional and then games.  I went week after week and really enjoyed the fellowship.  Well….it was my turn to present the lesson- and it was a very SPIRITUAL.  After the lesson, a young lady who had just completed her mission service came over and we started talking.  She seemed fun…so why not ask her out?…except girls are realllllyyyy scary creatures.

Long story short…i very kiddingly asked her followed by a quick retraction before she could say “NO!”  A few days later, i got a phone call from said young lady asking ME out…SAY WHAT???

On August 23, 1997, we went on a double date because single dating was still too scary.  We stayed up talking to 4am…which gave me enough time to go home take a shower and go to work for a 24 hour shift.  That was the first of many more..and 5 months later we were married… Check  on #4.

As you know, I work 80-120 hours per week which means I am gone from the house ALL the time.  However, I can’t remember the last time I was home ALONE for more than an hour or so…  I didn’t like it one bit.  I went to bed at 8:30pm.  I was lonely…oh so VERY LONELY.

I decided I had better treat my first and only second date pretty good..because don’t think I am cut out for being single anymore…  and somehow that will make Mary smile! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

One Response to “Lonely “Single” Life”
  1. Tasha Wittebort says:

    LOVE IT and we SO MISSED you and Mrs. Mary tonight!!!!


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