Put OUT or Get OUT!!!

Believe it or not…I am really shy INSIDE.  I really am!

For those of you following this blog, you will recall that I am an insecure “blip” on the radar (from “The New Guy”). Maybe that is the motivation for rooting for the underdog and down-trodden.  I don’t want anyone to feel like I did growing up! Because nothing stinks more than not even being chosen to play in the game…

How do I include the freaks, the weirdos, the geeks?????  Better yet….how do I get THEM to want to be included???

I have seen people left out, and I have beat my head trying to figure out how to get “them” to join in the fun! To put out some “Street Cred”…I have been PTO/PTA President, Cub Master, Activities Coordinator for my Church Congregation, and most recently Cub Scout Day Camp Program Director for 3 years… The common thread among all these is to get people to DO stuff!!!

 I have developed a fairly complex 43-step process…but I will narrow it down to 3 easy steps that is aimed at kids in general but can be adapted for adults, too!

Step 1 BE WEIRDER, FREAKIER, and GEEKIER than THEM.  That’s right….I am an adult!  BUT there’s no time to worry about adult junk.  So I quit acting like one!!!

Children are awesome creatures and just want to fit in.  If a child worries about “those kids” and being accepted, they will never come to an event no matter how “fun” is appears to be. 

By wearing crazy costumes, singing at the top of my lungs, and not generally caring what other “grown ups” think, I have broken down many barriers!  I look like a complete goober most of the time.  Deep inside I care…but I refuse to let the “Negative Nancy” of the World stop me from my work and duty in bringing some sort of joy, acceptance, or something good to the kids of the world!

Step 2 KISMIF (Keep it Simple, Make it fun)or at least pretend it is fun until it becomes fun for you!  Mama always said, “Simple pictures are best!”  That is my mantra…  Plan simple activities that include ALL!!!  That’s right… I said,  EVERYONE … even the fat little Tuba player.

 And if the activity stinks…change the rules to make it fun and challenging but FAIR!

This year at Day Camp, we only planned 1 day of Four square and other outside games…. One small PROBLEM- the kids LOVED it…  Of course they did…what kid doesn’t like trying to smack a ball and hit another kid in the head and become “THE MAN”…at least until someone else smacks them with the ball…  So, we made it part of Camp for the entire week!

Step 3. POSITIVE ENERGY…The first year I was Day Camp Director was awful.  We had a computer crash 2 days before camp which meant a complete rebuild of the Administrative stuff such as Den Rosters, Parent stuff…and MUCH more. We got behind and pretty much punted the whole week.  It was hard with LOOOOOOONNNNGGGGGG days… We got home around 2am..and got back up at 5:30am. 

But the challenge is to remain happy (on the outside) and full of energy…even when things are going REALLY BAD… or for that matter, really good.  Because, honestly, who wants to be around a whiny titty baby? So, for as long as I am around other people and kids, I SMILE and PLAY!  Then, behind closed doors and by MYSELF -complain and moan…but keep it to ME, MYSELF, and I!!!

I have found when I can make these 3 things part of my plans for an activity, it seems to be funner and more successful because as I remind the Boy Scouts at these events—

THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!!!! So man up and be happy!!!


4 Responses to “Put OUT or Get OUT!!!”
  1. Tasha Wittebort says:

    I am stealing this one for future use – of course I’ll give you all the credit!!!


  2. John says:

    I like. This ol world needs more like u in it.


  3. Chandra says:

    Aaron, I loved this. You know most of us want to grow up to be just like you!


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