Brakes and Break-down

As you know, Mary has been in Branson all weekend at Family Reunion while I had the opportunity to work a 48 hour shift….Still think I got hosed on this one…

Well, this morning I got a frantic, CRYING phone call. IT was one of those “I wrecked the van and spilled my Coca-Cola all over my new outfit while doing it” cries.  Now, I love my wife so much…but she gets emotional EASILY…add stress….and you could tap her for hydroelectric power!

Needless to say, I was relieved when she said it just the brakes grinding…  I got on my phone and started googling for Brake Shops in Conway, Arkansas.  By he time got an answer to her, she found a place right off the Interstate and pulled in…

As a Paramedic, I have dealt with family members who experience sudden death and serious injury….but I really feel for the Tech today!  I had tried for 20 minutes to calm her down… and she was-“ish”. I am SURE beyond doubt as soon  as she walked into that store and he asked what was wrong, she unleashed the tears…  Poor guy!

Well, they couldn’t take of her til late afternoon…and all Mary wanted to do was get home!!!  They called a nearby store and were able to get her in STAT!  This is where I got another phone call from Mary. I listened to her try to hold back tears as she talked to the Tech…  He was sooooo understanding and explained things to her…

Long story short…1 hour and only $170 later, we had new rotors and brakes on the van.  They did her right…and even gave her a hug on the way out with the reassurance that things would be ok.

So….if you ever break down in  Conway Arkansas, go visit Bob Cole at All Tune and Lube on O’Bryan Street.  Honest Mechanics who treat a crying little lady right are hard to come by!!! Tell him Mary sent you… He may laugh out loud…

(Mary did not necessarily think this post was that funny…Me making fun of her traumatic experience and everything…I love her for being a good sport!—Aaron)

3 Responses to “Brakes and Break-down”
  1. Jennifer says:

    Hey Aaron….I so enjoy reading your posts and tell Mary not to feel silly for one minute. Jody has received calls like that from me over the years where I was in a panic about a car broken down or other car issues that he didn’t find to be… let’s just say “quite as serious” as I did!


  2. Your Lovely Wife says:

    In my humble defense it wasn’t only the brakes that had me in tears. It was the whole situation surrounding the brakes going out that had me on the phone (in tear) with my awesome and amazingly very emotional stable husband…. not forgetting just how handsome he is either. I also knew that if I didn’t make it home at a decent time I wouldn’t be able to spend much time with you on your only day off.


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