My Bucket List

Bryan Houston (@bryanhouston) posted an interesting on twitter this morning that got me to thinking..

“What’s on your list of things to do before you hit the next decade mark?”

I just celebrated 38 years of inhabiting this rock called Earth…and haven’t really thought about turning 40… To me, it is just a number.  Something that will be here as long as I am still here!!!

So when Mr. Houston in his aged wisdom posed the question, I began thinking.  I thought about travelling, adventures, cares, money, weight loss…and realized those things are good for me personally…but haven’t I been really selfish and been all about me for the last 38 years…  So what things I can do to improve or do in the next 18 months FOR OTHERS?

With each moment pondering, I realized that by improving me in the following 4 areas, I can and will be a better servant for others.  Herre’s the narrowed down list:

  • Not think twice about picking up a stranger walking down the road.

I think I need to quit be so stinking judgemental.  I can learn from those placed in my path and really listen to them.  All people have a story that I can learn something from.  Yes picking up a hitch hiker may seem crazy…but aren’t we ALL children of God walking on this rock looking for a ride to somewhere???

  • Become a more worthy and better partner for my wife.

This one, too, seems quite simple.  I can lead my family in worship and scripture study more often.  I can be Better by working on my spirituality to be a better leader in the home.  I can comfort her more and laugh less at her.  I can help more with the dishes or laundry instead of just causing more of it! Heck, I may even finish the bedroom we have been working on for the past EVER! 

  • “BE” home more often..

I have days off and GO home…but sometimes, I am NOT home.  I worry about work, money, and all sorts of other things that keep me from BEING home.  Really, what this means is…I need to focus on family when  home.  Beat the boy…kick the dogs…you know all that quality family stuff!!!!  And maybe…just maybe give the wife a smooch or an unexpected present just because she is walking with..and tolerating… me on my journey!


I picked this one up from the movie “Miss Congeniality”  This one is quite tricky…but acheiveable!  It really gets down to convincing people to increase their love …  Kind of goes with the hitch-hiker one… I will start here in little old Gilmer, Texas.  I can treat people with respect. 

How many people show kindness to the employees at Wal-Mart or Sonic?  Would you want someone to come to YOUR workplace and be rude to you? 

 It is unforgivable to treat these folks as undeserving of respect because of where they work or how they smell…at least they have a job… Oh wait…don’t you HAVE to work, too?  That’s right even Coporate Presidents that make a gazillion dollars a year still go to work… So boo on you if you even try to look down your nose at someone else who has a job!!!!

So…just hush it…and give ALL people some love! I pretty sure the world will become a much better place when I can do this!!!

Welp…that is my little of things to do…I hope when I turn 40, I am 4-0 on this list instead of 0-4… and maybe by helping and serving others, it’ll make them smile for a change!!

6 Responses to “My Bucket List”
  1. Tabitha says:

    Love it! Now I’m thinking…..what can I do!
    People make fun of me because I know all the WalMart greeters by name and always make a point to smile, say hi, and call them by name when I walk through their doors. I’ll be ck’ing in on you….I KNOW you’ll b 4-0!


    • adeason123 says:

      I try to know the names of everyone from the Vietnamese Donut guy in Winnsboro to the head of the Hospital in Tyler. They are all awesome…The sad part is that I know the names and talk to just about everyone at Wal-Mart and more…


  2. mamastephf says:

    I like your thoughts, Aaron. I agree completely that we need to extend kindness to everyone whose path we cross. Everyone is on a journey; sometimes a hard one. We need to give grace, as we don’t know what they might be going through in their own lives.

    Also, I just LOVE how you referred to Bryan’s “aged wisdom.” He’ll think that’s great, I just know it! haha


    • adeason123 says:

      Exactly! Bryan is my kind of people! Quick witted and slightly poignant (some might call it sarcasm but those folks are haters!!)

      It is whole lots easier to treat ALL people with respect and dignity because we never know exactly where HE will be… As the Good Book says “when saw we thee a hungered and gave thee drink..” Pray the Lord that I can be one of these faithful servants one day


  3. John says:

    So u got my attention w the WM stuff. It is sad that some people stereotype WM employees. Yes some have no hs degree and they can only get jobs at WM or the like. But there r some of us WM folks that have great jobs, make a nice living etc. But u will be surprised how many people will snub there nose as soon as they hear someone say they work at WM. So I agree with u. Why don’t we just treat them as a person cause we don’t know what they do,their background, how much money they make, etc bc really it doesn’t matter. What matters is are they a good person. Off my soapbox now. Thank u for another thought provoking installment from ur crazed mind.


    • adeason123 says:

      I think because snobbery and putting down people makes one think themselves as more lofty. They fail to realize that even Jesus washed some stinky, nasty feet as he proclaimed “the master is no better than the servant”.

      Take that all you haters!!!!


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