30 Seconds to LIVE…..

I figured a great and awesome way to finance my life…I am going to sell commercials!!!!

Life sometimes seems like a TV show… sometimes it’s a sit-com…sometimes a drama…and sometimes a series that REALLY needs to be cancelled and changed for better programming! 

Imagine how awesome it would be for every problem to be resolved within an hour or less.   I would love to have the orchestra music blaring to signify drama…that way I would know it was a-coming…and would be ready! 

In the Puccinin”s Opera “Tosca,” the evil villain always has his theme song playing when he enters the stage…kind of like “wrastlers.”  Once again…I would know who was a-coming and make it easier to figure out who the real “crap-holes” are in my life.(I know Mom….a good, God-fearing Man shouldn’t talk like that…but I did…so comment away below…)

Ok…now to financing my life…  It would be way better The Truman Show because I would get serious sponsors.  Imagine…”this segment of life brought to you by Preparation H”…. or “Aaron presented by Gallagher and Gallagher Divorce Specialists.”  Another segment could be sponsored by K-Mart…except everyone knows that “K-Mart sucks!!!”  Once again…. would know where I am in life.

I guess the bigger question is what commercials are running NOW in my life? and which one are going to be playing TOMORROW?

And thinking about the crazy/funny commercials that may be playing in your life somehow makes me smile!!!

2 Responses to “30 Seconds to LIVE…..”
  1. Karen Deason Tutor says:

    AAAAAARRRRROOOOONNNNNNNNNN ! ! ! ! ! You have GOT to stop that ! ! ! ! Right this MINUTE ! ! ! It IS possible to say something not so CRASS and vulgar! As creative as you are, surely you can come up with something of higher quality that befits your intelligence and persona. Ya gotta stop being common ! !


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