The Pity Party

When you are the youngest of 9 children, you learn EARLY to hide emotions. I remember when I was little I would cry at the drop of a hat.  The older kids would stop whatever they were doing and come over….but not in a good way.  They was circle around like vultures over a carcass and commence with their favorite anthem…. WAILING LIKE BANSHEES…and sounding more like an air raid siren… they would chant:

“Pity Party…..Pity Party

piiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttyyyyyyy  paaaarrrrrrrrrrrtttttttttyyyyyy.

piiiiiiiiiiittttttttttyyyyyyyyyy paaaaaarrrrrrrrrrtttttttttttyyyyyyyy

Sob, Sob, Sobbity-sob”

Laughing and mocking…then repeat OVER and OVER….and OVER!!!!!! Sometimes they would even pick up hours later just because…Yup…true compassion amongst siblings!  Those people offered courses to College Fraternities on HAZING!!!

However, when the situation was really serious like when my brother shot a hole in his foot with an “unloaded” shotgun…or when Les face planted onto the gym floor while jumping off the trampoline into a pile of mattresses that Kym kicked away at the last moment (that is whole ‘nother and funnier story), there was love and support…until the crisis was over…then the heckling began unmercifully! 

There are few “sacred cows” or off-limits areas in this family…wouldn’t matter because someone would go there…and GAME ON!!!But ONLY we can mock and dog on each other… If an outsider instigated an assault without invitation….words cannot describe the ferocity of the assailing that would take place…  Duck on a June bug is the best description…  I think some folks forget there are 9 of us!  We are FIERCELY LOYAL to each other!!!

Even today, a phone call is all it takes to mobilize the Deason Army to unleash its wrath…or mocking!  Of course, A Pity Party over the phone isn’t the same….but a conference call with 3-4 of us is pretty darn close… and just as annoying.

The best part..or worst…is that we initiate the next generation into the family.  That’s right…when one of the grandkids starts crying incessantly or whining about something…PITY PARTY!  I know it will mess with their self-esteem or something…but who cares??? It’s TRADITION…and most of us turned out fairly decent… (except Little Nathan Pilcher… but that is another story)

It is a great lesson in self-control…or a really famous person said, “A lesson in “shut the hell up!!!” (it’s in quotes Mom…so I am NOT saying “HELL”…I am just quoting a famous person who said it… Call HIS Mother and tell her he said “HELL” ……..hehehehe!!!)

I love big families.  One day I will talk about the nicknames but for future reference …I love Mom (Toots), Dad (Grizz), D’ann (Soupy), Jeff III (Chip), Marty, Michelle (Chelle), Mark (No Nick names), Kym (Bompadill), Les (Bones), and Nathan (Hector Macho Nacho Camacho) …they are the greatest!!! And when I think about the Pity Party, I cry just a little…and laugh a whole lot more because those people have scarred me for life….but in a good way…and somehow, that makes me smile!!!

(Maybe y’all can use the pity party in your family to quell unneeded crying and such.  If you need, help in starting or learning how to do a PITY PARTY of your own, give me call.  I will gladly teach… that way ALL the world is in harmony!!!!)

8 Responses to “The Pity Party”
  1. John says:

    So just curious why u didn’t mention ur nickname? Share w us.


  2. Tasha Wittebort says:

    that’s funny. What is sad that it was just me and my sister and we could be as mean to each other when unnecessary whining began!!!


  3. Helen says:

    I am an only child. It took kids I never met to scar me for life! I’m glad you are close to your brothers and sisters.


    • adeason123 says:

      just started blogging last week…so haven’t gotten into family yet… I want to draw people in before completely alienating them with my crazy family!!!


  4. katdish says:

    I’m the youngest, but only four. I got my fair share of beatings from my siblings. But you’re right. What’s okay for family is not okay for others. As it should be.


  5. Karen Deason Tutor says:

    Do you Remember the pity party started with….everbody’s pickin on me-eeee! Everbody’s pickin on me-eeee! Sob! Sob! Sob,sob,sob.? Those pity parties do bring back some fond memories. ahhhhhhh!

    Also Mark’s nickname was Ziggy. Of course you may have been to young to remember that. And I used to call you Josephus.


  6. Kym Muse says:

    Ooooooooooh yes, the pity parties! We had bunches of them, daily; it sure kept me from being a whinny baby. We had lots of fun family things we did….and still do!!! Great blog, it made me smile!!  (see? …..that square was a smile -???)


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