The Truth About Cartoons and Brain Damage!!!!

“The wonderful thing about Tiggers is that Tiggers are wonderful things” from Winnie the Pooh

The other day a child was running around the ER while we were dropping off a patient. The 3 year old was frustrating the Nurses and Parents because all she wanted to do was NOT be in the ER.

So, I stopped and sat down in the middle of the ER floor where she was propped up giving the skunk eye to the Nurses and commenced to have a philosophical discussion about why Swiper was in no way, shape, or form better than Dora. She seemed to agree especially since Swiper is a pesky pest!!!

After 2-3 minutes, I suggested that no one wanted to hear our discussion and that we move to the room where we could discuss the genius of Max and Ruby. I must agree that she had compelling arguments for Ruby, but I still kinda like Max mostly because he is quiet!!!

The Nurse happened to walk by about then…I suggested a coloring book or a toy which was easily found. After she (the patient not the Nurse…sorry about my danlgling participle there)  promised to eat ONLY the red crayon, I departed.

The Nurses said she had been in the ER nearly 3 hours…and thanked me for my help.  I didn’t really think of it as help… I was just giving the child something better than medicine— TIME and ATTENTION!

A Wise EMS instructor told me that people only want to heard for 2 minutes…and then I can do just about anything to them procedure-wise…

Get out!!!! 2 freaking minutes….120 seconds… THAT’S ALL!!!!!!!

I have tried my best to apply that maxim…and it works. I don’t “have” to care at first but when I actively listen and participate in the conversation for 2 measly minutes, I can get more done FOR the patient….and with less patient complaints!!!

So…You must first listen to the Tigger…and then you can become one with the Tigger..

See kids…sometimes cartoons are VERY useful and probably won’t rot your brains TOO MUCH!!!!


2 Responses to “The Truth About Cartoons and Brain Damage!!!!”
  1. deanna says:

    good read.. arron =D


  2. Tasha Wittebort says:



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