Tales from a “Haunted” House…My Life in a House with Spirits

There is A Ghost Hunters marathon on SyFy Channel today.  These people investigate haunted places and such.  It is interesting and scary to folks who have never lived with Spirits or beings from the other side.

My family bought an old Church back in 1976.  This has been my home since.  I bought the place from my Mother right after I got married….we have enjoyed every minute here!  We have a 3200 square foot gym with 14 foot ceilings.  we have a trampoline in one corner and a basketball goal in the other.  We have ridden bikes, roller skated…and even played a game of dodge bottle rockets/roman candles (I do NOT suggest doing it…even though it was fun at the time.)

As a kid, I heard humming voices in the gym in the middle of the night…or heard footsteps when no one was home.  The house came alive and seemed fuller than the 20 neighborhood kids over playing basketball or playing games.  As I got older, it seemed that these experiences went away…or maybe just because I didn’t pay attention to it…. 

Moving on to 1998… Mary and I had just moved in and started making this our home.  Mary was pregnant and stuck on bed rest at the time.  Women from the Church would come over and help with housework, visit, etc.  One day, Mary heard a woman’s happy humming in the kitchen. She thought it might have been one of the Church ladies who had come in to help while she was asleep.  She walked into the kitchen and saw a white silhouette. The spirit looked at Mary and kept on…

A few nights later, Mary heard childlike footsteps in the gym that came into the kitchen…then quietly moved across into the bedroom.  Mary “felt” something there…and shut her eyes closed as tight as Fort Knox… Mary saw the form of a little girl walk to the foot of the bed and then go back out…kind of like checking on her. The child still messes with Mary sometimes and will play peekaboo and pop out from around the corner in the kitchen every now and again.

Mary’s mother, Kay, moved in about a year ago.  She came into the kitchen one evening.  Mary said she was pale and panting.  Asked what was wrong, Kay explained that she walked out of the laundry room and saw a white silhouetted shape moving across the gym.  Kay watched the shape for about a minute before rushing into the kitchen to ask for an escort to her room because it on the other end of the gym..

We only have 4 LIVING people here at the house…but who knows how many “others” are here, too.  But it’s not a scary thing.  When Mary and I were having troubles in our marriage…there were no Spirits.  Now that Mary and I kind of  like each other, there is more activity.  So…the Spirit activity in our home is like a gauge of how HAPPY the house is, or rather, how happy the people living in the home are with each other.

If it means our HOME is happy, I guess I can live with the Spirits…just as long as they wipe their feet off when they come inside and put the toilet seat down…. Because I am tired getting blamed for it!!!

6 Responses to “Tales from a “Haunted” House…My Life in a House with Spirits”
  1. Steph says:

    You’re freaking me out, Aaron. Sheesh. 😉 Actually, I have two family members who have seen “spirits” or whatever they are, and they aren’t mentally ill people, so I trust that they saw what they saw. I just don’t know how to explain it scripturally. I thought dead=heaven or hell, not roaming around in people’s homes.
    If it did mean that, I’d love to choose what home I got to haunt. lol


    • adeason123 says:

      Think about this…WHERE is HEAVEN? It has never been defined…I do KNOW Heaven is NOT floating around on a cloud playing a harp… Of course…WHERE and WHAT is HELL??? Scripturally speaking, people are judged and assigned “Heaven” or “Hell” AFTER the 2nd Coming of Christ. So, they may just be hanging out…and personally, I would choose to haunt some place fun…like a Pizza PLace…just to jack with the folks!!!


  2. Dallas says:

    Aaron – I’m a bit disappointed that in all the days and nights spent at your house when we were kids that I never once saw one of y’all’s spirits!!


    • adeason123 says:

      I talked to them… they never did like you!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Seriously, it doesn’t happen that often…maybe a handful of experiences per year…


  3. Annette Bohnert says:

    Oh, do I have a place for you to haunt!!! Back in CA there is a haunted ToysRUs where they’ve documented all kinds of stuff being zinged down aisles etc……wonder if the spirits get to “play” after hours?!


  4. Kym Muse says:

    When I die I’d like to haunt people, I think I’d make a good haunter, it would be so much fun!


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