Last Meal Request from Death Row

The warden walks in on Tuesday afternoon. He announces that my execution date is Friday at 11pm. He asks 2 questions:
1. What will be your last meal?
2. What are going to be your last words?

This has been on my mind since we toured the Texas State Jail Museum last year on our mini-cation. We saw Sparky and all sorts of cool stuff. We even took a driving tour of the local prisons and historical sites.

When we got home (and in a very morbid way), Justin and I researched Death row. The records show the offense committed…and believe or not- the 2 questions above!!!

So….here’s my answer (I think)

  1. 2 Dr Pepper
    Dozen Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos
    Steak – RARE thank you very much
    Fried Squash
    Fresh baked Chocolate Chip Cookies with Ice cold Milk

My final words (We are through pretending Death Row…so I can be serious-ish)

Be good to each other. There are too many bad folks in the world for you to be one more in it.

Live your life doing NOT saying. Planning to do stuff for others is NOT the same as actually going out!!!

And finally, Somebody remember to bring homemade rolls to the after-funeral party,

(Sorry…I am what I am!!!!)


3 Responses to “Last Meal Request from Death Row”
  1. Your Lovely Wife says:

    I really don’t like that you dwell so much on death. Embrace life…. STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT. I realize you are forced to deal with death on a daily basis at work however that can’t be what you become.


    • adeason123 says:

      Not dwelling on death.. Just saw a blog about how study of garbage tells about a person

      Was just thinking what would final meal and final, dying declaration tell about person


  2. Sorry but after reading this I was very hungry and I felt like a better man! Keep up the good work I enjoy reading you blogs.


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