Sir, The Big Rocks…If you please

If you follow me on twitter (@adeason123), I mention spending time with “The Rocks” a lot.

While this may not seem like a term of endearment or respect…it really is.

There are many “rocks” in life from which to choose. I will name a few:

  • Work
  • Education
  • Money
  • Church or Religious stuff
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Fun and happiness

Now, imagine I have a big jar. I have sand, pebbles, water, and rocks. My goal in life is to cram as much “stuff” into the jar as possible. The question remains…HOW???

When I was completing my mission service back in 1993, my Mission Leader offered some parting and fatherly advice.

He said, “In life you have so many balls to juggle at any one given time. Your goal is to keep them in the air. If you focus on one ball too long, the others will fall.”

It didn’t make much sense during my single days…but now that I have a family and such… I think about W. Barney Gogarty everyday. He was a man standing about 5’5″ in stature but 20 feet tall in Spirit and Godliness…. But I digress…

So….now we have juggling balls and “rocks…”. You can call your prioritites “ice cream sandwiches” or “yellow tutus” or….whatever will make you think about and focus on them everyday…

The key is to FOCUS……….squirrel….
(Sorry…ADD moment. Just checking to see if you are still here)

What I need to do is put the BIG rocks that matter most ETERNALLY in first…. Because those are the “rocks” that are always going to be my solid foundation!!! Then I can add the other “stuff!”

So…Sir, if you please..another helping of Big Rocks!!!!

(Inspired by Stephen Covey…click to read the rest of the story. The Big Rocks of Life



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