rat poop in MY walls

I try to find inspiration in the world around me each day.  Today has NOT been one of those days.  Mowed the grass.  Took cats to get “fixed.”  Did a little work in the bathroom to get it ready for paint and new fixtures.  The highlight of my day came as I was replacing the dry wall in a section that had been torn out when we took out the sink. I noticed rat poop in the wall. 

I knew we had mice and rats in this place. I just thought they had little rat bathrooms to use instead of my wall.  Mary said I can’t blog about the amount of rat poop (but think about it…the house is 90+ years old)… Long story short, I cleaned up the mess and repaired the wall.

This got my mind to wondering…”How much rat poop do I have in my life hidden behind walls?”

Of course, this rat poop is not the problem…it is just a sign of the bigger problem of rats in my life.  These rats if left unattended, can take over my life and send my house into ruins.  These rats are cancers and can be anything from pride and arrogance to the unseen (to y’all) vices that afflict me. 

The challenge is to realize my problems and figure out how to overcome them….

When DSW (dear sweet wife) and I were dating, I cursed like a sailor.  One day, we had a little conversation..

“Aaron..don’t you have a college education in Speech and English?”

“Yes…why  yes I do.”  I said quite proudly

“And a curse word is the best thing you can think of to say with your superior grasp of the Language, tsk tsk.”

Those words cut to the core… and y’all, that is exactly why I love her!!!  She will call me out and challenge me to be better.  I guess in spite of all the rat poop in MY walls, she really does love me!!!

3 Responses to “rat poop in MY walls”
  1. Darrin says:

    you gotta not post stuff like this and make me re-examine my life. Good Stuff!


    • adeason123 says:

      Who knew that rat poop could be so inspirational??? Personally, I’ve got so much I need to clean out of my life….it will take til the second coming of Jesus and beyond!!!


  2. Jo says:

    We gotta talk ASAP. I gotta know where all this poop came from. You were born a very special child who had much love, I thought. So where did it all come from?


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