Getting over the BAD days!!!

A friend on twitter (@107designs) wrote today:

“Don’t worry about the bad days, there are going to be plenty more of them.”

I sat pondering about that idea, my Mother calls. and asks if I am okay.  Not sure what she was talking about, she explained that a lot of my blogs are pretty dang negative…or at least the ones dealing with my childhood. 

I want to make it perfectly clear…My parents did not beat me.  I was clothed, fed, watered, and loved.  I had plenty of exercise…and plenty of time to do it.  My mother had cookies and milk ready everyday I got home from school.    The ONLY thing i did not get as child that I reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy wanted was a Mienl-Weston 25 Series 4 valve BBb Tuba.. I mean, it was only $12500 at the time… That’s right…Karen and Jeff Deason would NOT buy their favoritest and youngest child of 9 a freaking Tuba…and I am soooooooo scarred from that…  (Mother…that is sarcasm!!!)

I guess this is the time where I try to get to the point… 

As a kid, I spent a lot of time worrying about ME.  For that matter, I spent a lot of my early Adulthood worried about ME, too.  That is the problem….THE FOCUS!!! 

When a camera is too close to the subject, the picture is ALWAYS fuzzy and out of focus!  It becomes impossible to see what “it” really is.  Then, the whole thing- the paper the picture is printed on that is- becomes useless… except to line the bird cage with!!!

So, I guess what I am saying to me is that today may be a bad day…but it is just for today….and as Annie sang:

…When I’m stuck with a day That’s gray and lonely.

I just stick out my chin and grin and say….

The Sun’ll come out tomorrow

So ya gotta hang on til tomorrow.

(I know…now you have that song in your head now…but it beats other ones I could put in there.)

And that is the exact attitude that drives people crazy.  The choice is to be a whiney baby…or get out there and make a difference… either way, the day is going to go by 1 second at a time…and maybe just by having a better attitude, I can help make somebody else’s bad day better!

2 Responses to “Getting over the BAD days!!!”
  1. Aaron, thanks so much for the mention, and I’m continually amazed by how much a small phrase can inspire so much deep thought. It’s not my quote, and so I can’t take complete credit for it, but it’s one of those things that I have to keep reminding myself about. Thanks for the perspective and the wittiness of your writing.


  2. Kym Muse says:

    This is true of our childhood. We DID have loads of fun and if that wasn’t enough, we loved each other so very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is still true of us today!! Love you brother, keep up that positive attitude


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