Hit the Road, Jack?????

It’s not that I don’t want to go on vacation.  It is fun to talk about places and things to do.  It is fun to look at guides and maps…and all that vacationy stuff.  We have planned wonderful trips to Tahiti and Fiji.  We found islands to rent.  We looked into cruises.  We discussed renting an RV and driving around America for a few weeks. I kind of like the whole the IDEA…  the execution part is what I don’t really care for.  (If I plan it…I don’t have to acutally DO it!!!  I mean, look at all the Church committees….lots of talk and pot luck dinners to plan…but does anything really get done???)

Mary calls it being cheap…I can it being fiscally responsible.  Basically it gets to the benjamins!!! Let’s plan a “fun” trip to San Antonio for DSW (Dear Sweet Wife), the Boy (Justin), and I.

  • 2 Day Sea World                             150.00
  • 3 Days Hotel                                    150.00
  • Food for 5 Days                              300.00
  • Gas                                                    150.00
  • Souvenirs                                         150.00
  • Alamo                                               FREE
  • Riverwalk Stuff                               100.00

This simple 5-6 day trip could total $1000.00…or MORE if we added anything else.  Now…here is where the frugal part of men comes into play.  I look at what ELSE I could do with that same money to make my life more tolerable.  Because the goal here is to be financially secure.  Here are some of the OTHER things I could do with $1000 and 6 Days off:

  • Make 3 extra van payments
  • Pay off a loan
  • Finish the bedroom remodel
  • Take the vacation time…but work 3 days extra overtime and make another $1000.
  • Save $950 by going to Lake Hawkins Park for a day.

And somehow…the trip/vacation/excursion/whatever doesn’t seem that appealing anymore.  Especially when I figure out how many hours I have to work to pay for it. (kind of leaves a bitter almond taste in my mouth…which by the way is what cyanide tastes like.)

To defend myself…we have taken mini-cations in the past few years… Most of them were FREE or very close to it!!!


  • 1 week for Cub Scout Day Camp (as Directors)
  • Boy Scout Summer (The Boy went 2 weeks with 2 different troops…I got to work and pay for it)
  • Boy Scout Wood Badge Training Staff (took 2 weekends off)
  • University of Scouting for Leaders (DSW and I were Directors of Cub Scouts)
  • DSW and the boy went to Branson for a family reunion a few weeks ago and left me home alone to work (see the Brakes and Breakdown Blog)


  • Winter Camp (5 glorious days at Camp Pirtle with temp a blamy 34)
  • Cub Scout Day Camp (DSW and I were Directors)
  • Huntsville Weekend (after Gilmer won the State Semi-final game against Cuero…interestingly enough that trip was sourcse for the Last Meal request Blog…)
  • Southern Region Boy Scout Marketing Conference (weekend trip for DSW and me)

See….lots of time off…I didn’t even include Buckeye Football Road trips in there either…which we travel all over Texas to attend…and hopefully, this year, watch the Buckeyes when ANOTHER State Championship!!!  (But that is another blog for another day…)


(Note— I did promise to take DSW and the boy on a real vacation…ONE that is NOT SCOUTING related…someday…probably the week AFTER I get the bedroom and bathroom finished!!!)

2 Responses to “Hit the Road, Jack?????”
  1. Kym Muse says:

    The thing about vacations, Aaron, is that they leave wonderful lasting memories in your mind, great pictures to look at and give you fun things to talk about besides how abused you were as a kid. Somehow, an extra van payment just isn’t going to make a happy memory; that is NOT fun to talk about when your family grows older. Van payments will always be there but your son won’t, he will grow up with nothing but a “van” in his memory. Do something BESIDES Scouting, too much of something is never a good thing

    p.s. go easy on the church insults, it just ain’t cool


    • adeason123 says:

      I remember ALL ONE of the vacations we took as kids…

      I wasn’t talking about the Activities Committee because you have rocked that joker out… One of the few exceptions to the rule!!!!


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