Skipping Rocks and other Fun Stuff

I have been working my tail off to the tune of 100 or so hours per week since mid-April. I don’t have much time off and usually am so tired after a 48 hour shift that I stumble around the house doing crazy stuff

One day, I was so out of it that I put the cat food in the fridge right next to the unopened gallon of vegetable oil…

So, DSW (Dear Sweet Wife) asked me what we were going to do today on my one day off… I decided Splash Kingdom would be fun…so off we went.

The fun part is that we just told the boy to be ready for some fun…and possibly get wet!

Now, my mother has a place about 10 minutes away on Big. Sandy Creek. The only problem is that DSW doesn’t like it because there might be a small 4 foot alligator in it…

(I found out that DSW does not like water with fishes, alligators…or when she cannot see the bottom… But I digress….)

Anyways, we loaded up and took off. At each turn the boy would try to guess our watery destination- Big Sandy, Lake Hawkins, etc.

Around Canton, the boy mentioned that Splash Kingdom was close. Almost busted…but me being VERY quick, told him, “Just kidding about swimming. We are going to Dallas to visit your Great-Grandmother who just had pacemaker surgery.”

His little lip pooched out and he disheartedly said, “Just great…I get to hang out with OLD geezers! This stinks!!!”

We told all the fun we could have talking and learning about History. He was NOT enthused!

Long story short, we drove by Splash Kingdom (which irked him somewhat) and went to the next exit… When we came back and entered THE KINGDOM, the boy’s smile returned!!!

Our trip was down the blue slide. Y’all…it is NOT made for big people…and for a great reason… The more weight…the faster the speed. The faster the speed, the nearer the edge of the tube. After the first 2 or 3 turns, we were getting closer and closer to the top…

In my head I imagined us just going up and over….and onto the concrete below. We made it down and went to the Lazy River and floated nice and slow for a bit.

It was a really fun day with the Rocks…but I still have no desire to be a Skipping Rock.. Maybe we’ll do something safer on our next adventure like Sky Diving….



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