Blessed your heart with All due respect… jk… LOL :-)

Here’s an all too familiar scene… A proud Mother brings her new baby to show off. (Now y’all, this baby is as ugly as my big old fat butt in a bikini) There is fear in her friends’ eyes as they approach this ghastly thing….

I know they want to say,”Great googly moogly..what planet did that come from???”   But they respond, “He is precious, bless his heart!”

The quandry: How do you really say something without saying anything…especially if that something is BAD and the inquisitor is demanding an answer?

Another example:
When asked about another employee, with THAT employee present, someone said, “He is stupid, lazy, and useless…with all due respect.”

To borrow a text phrase ……WTH??  Many people think they can say whatever rude, offensive, or vulgar thing as long as the add:

  • Bless his/her little Heart
  • With All Due Respect
  • Just kidding (jk)
  • LOL 
  • 🙂   😉 or any other emoticon


I hope that we as a society have not drifted so far past caring and compassion that we can knowingly insult others and cause pain then just blow it off with one of those phrases.

I learned in Karate as a youth, the easiest way to defend myself was to deflect the kick or punch…but it must be fluid and effortless or the assault will still strike home. Don’t get me wrong, I am a very imperfect person…but if I have something disparaging to say, I DON’T. That’s right, brothers and sisters, I HUSH UP and take time to think… Afterall, Mama said,”If you can’t say anything nice…”

I would like to suggest a few alternate ways of dealing with situations where unbecoming comments might offend someone. 

I like having ADHD. And all both of you, my faithful, non-ADHD readers can employ the “Squirrel Method” of deflection.(if you are not familiar with Squirrel…watch the Movie “UP”. The dog gets easily distracted….but I digress….)

Sorry…here is the aforementioned method… Subtly change the subject– Gilmer Buckeye football seems to work in my hometown. If not around Gilmer, recount a fun memory with the person.

Another easy deflection is to Ask a question back. You could ask how much time it took to hand quilt the blanket. Ask questions about the process in making the object.  Avoid commenting about the gift directly…

A third possible deflection method is to look at whatever the situation is and Find SOMETHING…anything good to say about it! Admire the quality of the material Comment on the baby’s precious eyes… It’s a lot easier than you would think.

But sometimes, there is no way out of it..and truth must be told…..The baby is that ugly… The person or idea really is that stupid…

Here’s what you do…LIE!!! Lie like Satan is there waiting to release you from selling your soul to him. LIE like your kids do when there is chocolate cake all over their face and they tell you the dog must have eaten it. Lie like Bill Clinton did to congress. Lie like….well, just lie….

Validate the person and make them feel good for a change… Think about this.. Your baby may have been that ugly, too!!!!

It is NEVER okay to intentionally hurt a loved one…and if you do, with all due respect, you are a goobery moron… And I hope you enjoy living with your parents and are lonely, lonely, lonely until the day you die, bless your cotton-picking, pathetic, little heart.


(Note…Mary did not think the last little diatribe and railing against the mean people was nice… but I did say bless you heart, didn’t I???)

One Response to “Blessed your heart with All due respect… jk… LOL :-)”
  1. mamastephf says:

    Aaron, I really hate it when people hurt other people’s feelings. There is ALWAYS something good to be said, you’re right. I would just look at that homely little baby and just say, “Oh, I know you’re so happy to have your little one here! You are so blessed! Don’t you just love him?” Because they are, and they do. 🙂


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