The Car that Makes Deer Laugh!!!

I drive a 1996 Subaru Legacy Outback Station Wagon.  I got it from a friend a few years ago for $1000.  This car has been rear-ended twice and front ended once before I got it.  The trunk doesn’t quite shut all the way.  The windshield has multiple cracks running from side to side.  It has a small oil leak from the rear main seal and smokes  like an old locomotive after I drive it anywhere.  There is a ground fault somewhere…which has pretty much fried the alternator and battery….which means I never really know if it will start or not.  The gas gauge is broken which means I have to remember how many gallons of fuel I put in it.  (I forget which means Mary has to come to my rescue on the side of the road…Usually at 6am…She’ my Hero!!!) It has over 215000 miles!!!  It is old, wore out, and beat down…except for the stereo. 

Originally this was going to be an extra car for Mary since we only had a small Ford Escort at the time.  The Subaru’s job was quite simple….moving us from point A to point B…(this was before the electrical problems).  Mary drove it under 1 condition… it needed a stereo.  I found a reasonably priced Pioneer- one that would play mp3 cds.  She eagerly drove it until we got the Van.  I got the old Subaru when it was relegated to MY work car. 

I didn’t know how hoopty the car was until one day at football practice I forgot to roll the windows up…and left the keys in it.  When I came back, there were some youth standing next to it.  I asked if they liked the car.  They said, “Mr. Deason, your car is safe… NO ONE wants this car but you!!!”

Heck…even the deer are to embarrassed to run out and get hit by it.  I saw a group running to the edge of the road one day on the way to work.  They all looked at my car and stopped short.  I think one even started pointing his little hoof and was laughing.  Scorned by DEER!!!!  Of course if I were to hit one of those deer, I imagine the ridicule from the other deer…  “You got hit by THAT!!!” 

This being Sunday..and me being at work again.  I think I should make a spiritual type message for the congregation.  So…. here it is…

I am the CAR.  I am beaten, broken, and useless by myself.  I have little value and am not worthy of much… UNLESS I choose to move!!!! 

“…I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.” (Mos. 2:17)

So…while I may not be able to got to Church every Sunday or do some of the “Churchy” stuff because of my current work situation, I can serve others where I am .  I can be nice to the people I am called out to while on duty.  I can read and study the scriptures HERE!  I can study my professional skills and be a better Paramedic. I can choose to minster here and now…because Jesus is everywhere and not JUST in that four-walled building…

I guess what I am saying is that I am okay with being a “car” that deer laugh at…because I serve God and that gives me a purpose in life!

One Response to “The Car that Makes Deer Laugh!!!”
  1. Tabitha says:

    We are called to serve. Church is where we are….not the building! You’re doing A OK, my friend!


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