Don’t Take Things for Pomegranate

I got a Pomegranate bush for my birthday from my mother (it was 3 months late). This might sound weird, but….

To completely understand, you need to understand some crazy birthday traditions we Deasons have. I am not sure how most or any of them got started…but we do them because:

  1. They are funny
  2. They are traditions!!!

The first tradition is THE SONG (aka The “Barfday” Song). We sing it loud and proud. The fun part is that you can in any pitch, any key, any volume as long as it is over 120 decibels …and any words… I do mean ANY words. You can include other holidays (Christmas, Easter, kwanzaa…the funnier the day the better), nicknames, nursery rhymes, etc

At our son’s 1st birthday party, there were 4 Deasons and about 10 from my wife’s side of the family. We 4 commenced to singing as per tradition. The others sang the boring, traditional style… We were louder and made the boy cry. The best part was when he threw up on his maternal Grandfather’s new shirt…but I digress

So, when sung correctly (by the Deasons), the dogs get involved and howl away with the group. Y’all, it is… Well, there are no real words to describe.. But catterwalling comes to mind. It is truly an artwork not appreciated by other folks

Tradition 2 is THE CALL. It is a contest between us to see who can call the earliest to wish each other Happy Birthday. The East Coast Deasons usually win because is midnight there first…but lately the Iraq Deason has been winning (when the bum remembers to call). The call includes THE SONG sung by as many people as are present..we have done conference calls, too. But we are not fans of using cell because apparently these devices have noise level threshold that cut off when too loud… Makes singing the song no fun when know it will shut you off.

In December, our son turned 11…he was fully initiated into the Deason family. I knew it was coming and put the phone in his room because I wanted to sleep. The joke was on him…they didn’t start calling until around 3am… He got 5 phone calls before 6am…and 3 more later that day. Yes indeed, THE CALL is freaking awesome.

Tradition 3 is THE GIFT. This is not necessarily birthday specific. We have been passing around a can of Boiled Peanuts for at least 15 years now. It has been around the nation…usually at Christmas but one never knows WHEN the can will be a-coming.

Anyways, I have gotten a skill saw, a set of awesome wind chimes, socks, a funny painting from Kymmie, cook ware… You name it, we have probably given it to each other.

I guess that is what makes me like these people (other than being related)…they keep it real…and real interesting. I will never take my family for Pomegranate!!!!


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