Bring on the Giants…It’s the Sheep that scare me

A recent thought from @ProdigalJohn (via @chuckazooloo) has been on my mind…

“David didn’t show up to fight Goliath. He brought lunch. Stop looking for the dramatic and be great at the little things.

We all know the story…but here’s my take….

David was a scrawny little kid. He sat in the fields watching and protecting his father’s sheep. He was in no way, shape, or fashion A HERO… Or for that matter, anything significant until one day he did what his father asked to take some food to his brothers.

From my recollection, this wasn’t a jump on your motorcycle and get there quick trip. It took some time for David to get over yonder. I can’t help but wonder what was going through his mind as he was lugging the food…LOTS OF FOOD!!!!.

Being a natural complainer…well I would have been cussing and kicking rocks the whole way. My brothers should have packed their own food. Stupid slackers!!!! (which is probably why I haven’t.been asked to slay any giants lately!)

Anyway, David rolled up into camp about the time Goliath started being a punk and calling out the Troops. It’s hard to tell whether David had faith or pure teenage stoooopidity at this time. He jumped up and said to the assembled congregation,
“I got this, y’all!!!”.
(I think he was from Southern Isreal)

I am pretty sure the only thing that surprised Goliath more than seeing a punk kid come out to fight in shorts and flip flops was the moment he got pegged in the head and went to the great beyond. I get the feeling that the Isrealites were kind of surprised, too. Had Vegas been around back then, I am pretty sure the odds would be the same as Cleveland winning the Super Bowl.

But it did happen…and the rest is history. Now, here is what I REALLY think about the account and why it was put in the Bible…

There are battles everyday….most are really small and petty- kinda like tending the sheep. These are where I hone my skills…the rock slinging of prayer and scripture study These are where I learn how to rely on the Lord to buoy instead of worrying about swimming across the ocean by myself. The small daily skirmishes are what really define me and my faith in God…

Because, I think, ANYONE can beat a Giant!!! It takes a lot more to conquer ME

And since I’ve got lots more sheep that need protecting than Giants that need whooping up on, I better get busy and start working on ME!!!!!



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