Vote Deason in 2012 for Congress!!!

I want to be a politician….not President because that is too hard.  I was thinking Representative or Senator…either is just fine. The base salary is$174,000 a year plus a few perks (courtesy of WikiAnswers):


  • Excellent pay
  • Excellent hours
  • Invitations to some of the most prestigious national events.
  • Free lifetime heathcare benefits
  • You are your own boss, but you are not self-employed.


  • You can vote yourself a raise.
  • Immunity from prosecution for most crimes.
  • Personal impunity.
  • You have the defense that the stress of your career was the causal factor of any illicit or taboo behavior–wait these last three are sort of the same.
  • You get to belly up to the buffet of hedonism.
  • And, when you die you get a hero’s send off regardless of how scandalously you lived your life

As an American and a taxpayer, this makes me sick  to my stomach. I work 80 hours per week for about $40,000 per year and have to pay for my heatlh insurance, dental, life, accidental death and dismemberment, and 401k… (That’s normal is 80 hours but sometimes goes to near 120 hours). 

The information I found indicates the average Congressman works 50 hours per week (This includes mixers, fundraising dinners, etc…It is hard to actually say how much time is actually spent “doing” the job because they don’t really have to account for hours )

So, Let me think about this…work 30 hours less with TONS of free stuff with $130k pay raise…..SOLD!!!!

I respect Louis Gohmert and think he, unlike most politicians, has represented East Texas very well in Congress.  But..come on, we’re talking $174k here….

Here are my campaign promises:

  • I have family in Marylands near DC…so no housing allowance will be needed.  Save the housing assistance for those who are too lazy to work!
  • For $174k, when you come to Washington to visit, I will personally spit shine your boots!!!
  • I will make most votes if they don’t conflict with Wii time, nap time, or Scouts.
  • I won’t take too much money from Special Interests…(I’ve got integrity don’t you know…)
  • I will keep driving my sad, wore out Subaru (Unless somehow I get a new GM or Ford vehicle…(wink, wink)
  • I will tell you everything is just fine as I vote to raise your taxes AGAIN… (Hey, I’ve got to pay for my raise…$174 isn’t what it used to be…geez have sympathy!!!)
  • And finally, I will….

Nevermind…I can’t be a politician.  I don’t like to lie and whore myself out to the top bidder.  Who am I really kidding, I couldn’t even win Band Officer back in High School…but I thank you for your time…

(Note…If you agree with this, feel free to send $$$ to my Bank Account.)

2 Responses to “Vote Deason in 2012 for Congress!!!”
  1. Tabitha says:

    I thought about sending $$$, but you didn’t have an acct # listed:( Sorry!


    • Aaron's Loving Wife says:

      Hey Tabitha you could always send cash or check to home address….. Starting campaign fund. LOL


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