Being a Scout

Today in Virginia, 2 things historic things happened as the Boy Scouts of America celebrated its 100th Birthday:

  1. President Obama shunned the Boy Scouts by NOT attending the National Jamboree in order to tape the View.
  2. 50k SCOUTS DID NOT CARE…and had a great DAY!

IN 1983, I joined the Boy Scouts of America.  I had not been in Cub Scouts and really didn’t know what to expect as none of my other 4 brothers had really been involved.  That day in April changed my life forever!!!

I learned skills like knot tying, cooking, swimming, and much more.  I went camping in 10 inch deep snow, a wonderful spring downpour that yielded 3 inches of rain, 105 degrees at Summer Camp, and once…so much wind that it would have blown away Kansas.  I went to a National Convention for Order of the Arrow (NOAC1988) in Colorado Springs, Co.  I served on Camp Pirtle Staff in 1988 teaching Nature and Forestry. 

In 1985, I spent the summer with D’ann (my sister in Maryland).  She made sure I went to the weekly Scout meetings.  And then, we found out about an Energy Camp.  After an excited call home to Texas, I was able to go and earn Space Exploration, Energy, and Atomic Energy merit Badge.  Denny Shields, a full tenured Professor at Penn State University, taught the class… he also wrote the Merit Badge.  That was one of the most memorable youth Scouting experiences I had…  That and it was 33 degrees in July on the second day of Camp!!!

In addition to skills, Camps, and the experiences, I learned values.  The Scout Law requires me to be “Honest, Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, BRave, Clean, and Reverent.”  I had great men who volunteered countless hours to teach and guide me through troubled teenage years. Besides my father, these men- My Scout Leaders-will forever be my heroes: Larry LaPorte, Mel Bowers, and Stanley Bowers.

April 27, 1989, I passed my Eagle Scout Board of Review.  It was 1.5 hours of fun and excitement.  We reviewed my Scout experience and more…  Out of the whole interview, I only remeber this:

“Your leaders have given you the tools and knowledge to get this far.  Your parents have sacrificed to support you.  Your job is to pass it to the next generation.  Now, what are you going to do to make this world a better place?”

I think because of that charge I have stayed in Scouting (even when didn’t have a son in it).  The 12 points of the Scout Law have been my compass…and the Scout Oath makes my honor-bound to serve God, Country, Others, and Self.  Do I completely succeed everyday in doing these??… Not EVERY day…But I try with all my heart….

And that’s why I love Scouting!  (That and I get to be kid again!!!)

4 Responses to “Being a Scout”
  1. Mike Brannon says:

    Arron, thanks for all you do. You never know you may be teaching a future president in the boys you work with.


    • adeason123 says:

      Every Man and Woman who gives their time to serve others– not JUST scouts- matter and make a difference.

      Your service to your troop is awesome…and you will be a hero (someday), too!!!!


  2. Chris Fox says:

    awesome!! Scouting rocks and that is pretty much the bottom line. Also I saw you drop the GWP line- that is always a good thing.


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