Gilmer High School Class of 1990

Writer’s note:  This is a story I wrote for Senior Honors English Class in May 1990.  I was VERY bitter and unhappy (see many previous blogs referencing the FAT Tuba player).  I look back now and see how unhappy I was.  That I didn’t actually commit the suicide I planned almost everyday during High School … Continue reading


Years ago, a person said I was FAKE!!  Me?  FAKE??? I am obnoxious and sometimes crazy…but never FAKE. However, I started to think about being fake…(and y’all all know what happens when my mind goes a-wandering.).. I must be fake…or at least partially fake… Think about it.. when I stay in water, I start to shrivel..just like … Continue reading

The Boat Theory…or maybe just some bad Mexican food too late at night

The other day I was sitting around wallowing in self-pity and thinking about the problems I had in life.  I was broke, bills due, no gas in car, no food in the pantry….the list goes on….I fell asleep and had a little dream (a vision if you will…but I ain’t no prophet…just some spicy Mexican food, … Continue reading