How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck”

This was a random thought back in May 2006… 

“He who would do great things should not attempt them all alone.”- American Indian Proverb

  I had a huge surprise a few weeks ago while at work.  I was about two hours into “researching” the effects of sleep apnea when I was summoned out of my “laboratory.”  I was startled as I came out when I saw my partner and the other two EMTs standing beside a huge flame on the table.  Fearing for their safety, I rushed over to grab the nearby fire extinguisher.  Before I reached it, they began singing Happy Birthday.  They were kidding me because they had to buy 2 packs of candles to have enough for the cake.  I did not think 34 was that old until put like that. 

  As I sat pondering about the last year of my life, I recalled an article written by Damon Means a few months ago encouraging me to “scrutinize all aspects of (my) life to make sure they are EXACTLY right.”  I thought my successes and less fortunate times as  I made a plan for the next year of my life.   

  I figured since I have shared some really personal trials and thoughts with everyone over the last few months, why stop now!!!  Here are a few points of this latest plan. 

Remember the victories- great or small. 

  I am not a handy man.  I can usually put gas in the car correctly.  So, when there was a 45-foot tall dying tree inches from the house, Aaron decided it had to go.  A certain naysayer that is related to me by marriage (and who is very familiar with my lack of dexterity) encouraged me to NOT do it.  She was concerned about the distinct possibility of having a new skylight in her kitchen.  Well, I showed her.  I cut that tree down without hitting the house.  HA!!!…and DOUBLE HA on fuddy duddy Mary!!!

Remember that sometimes the battle is not always won by winning.

  Okay, I did get the tree down…but here is the rest of the story.  I share only because Mary will get mad if I do not.  Mary told me to stop the madness and get some help.  I told her that I as a Man, I didn’t need any stinking help!  After cutting a few more inches into the old tree, it started leaning the wrong way.  Determined to not make a new skylight. I ran around trying to find something… anything to tie onto the tree.  After a few frantic minutes of fruitless searching, I grabbed the nearest thing handy- an old extension cord.  I tied it around the leaning tree and applied traction using a nearby tree.  I was able to steady the tree and get it going the other way.  I laughed at Mary!!! 

  I do not know the correct word to explain her exasperation when I continued cutting without any help.  Since the tree was now leaning away from the house, I pulled hard on that old wore out extension cord to make it fall.  Apparently too hard as the cord snapped in two pieces.  The tree did not fall but  Aaron went rolling over backwards across the yard.  Mary almost fell out the window as she laughed at me!!! 

Plot a good defense against those “things which easily beset me.”

  Over the past few months, I have taken many courses offered by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).  These 8-10 hour long courses focus on topics like disaster preparedness/awareness, leading during a disaster, and recover from disaster.  The “hardest” course covered the Incident Command System (ICS). 

  Briefly, ICS states that ONE person is In Charge- called the Incident Commander (IC).  The IC counsels with his Command Staff to form goals.  Team Leaders are appointed not based on Company or Government Rank but by ability.  Small teams work to accomplish the goals set by the IC.  Once done with a task, team results are reported and new assignments are given.  The IC and Team Leaders eventually become tired and are replaced.  The incoming and outgoing Leaders discuss strategies and how the plan is going.  While continuing the “old” ways that worked, the The New Leaders look for new methods and ways of effectively completing the tasks until the work is complete.  Then, everyone can go home.

So, what does all this rambling mean?

  Heavenly Father, in His infinite wisdom, knew Aaron needed some sort of help to beat the Devil.  He called a local Incident Commander to plan for the disasters of my world and direct an orderly “clean-up.”  The Pastor, as IC, formed his Command Staff of Church Leaders.  After the leaders formed their plan, teams made of the Congregation members were created to accomplish the plan.  As a team member, I listen to my Leader who counsels with the IC and receives direction for the team.  We work until the disaster is over or until we go Home. 

I guess what it gets down to is that I must continually work to prepare for the trials in my life through scripture study, prayer…you know all those “Churchy” answers.  That way I can overcome them when they rear their ugly little heads.  My Team Leader eloquently wrote, “What better validation could you receive from the Savior than, ‘Well done thou good and faithful servant.'”

What is gets down to is this…. I can cut the tree down with help or without help.  It just depends on who I want to have the last, loudest laugh.

One Response to “How Much Wood Could a Woodchuck Chuck””
  1. Aaron's Loving Wife says:

    This still makes me laugh, Out loud and so hard that my head now hurts. I love you!!!!


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