Tribute to a Great Scout Professional

Our District Director dropped a bomb on us at Roundtable…After years as Scouting Professional, she is resigning her position to have more time to spend with her family.  Edie has spent countless hours chasing down leads and trying to make the Scouting Program better in East Texas.

Edie became our DD about 1 week before Day Camp 2008…which was my first big task as a Cub Scout Leader (and also a Wood Badge ticket item).  She helped control the chaos of Day 1 when we had to complete New State required by ALL 220 parents before we could start Camp!!! Then on Day 2…it RAINED and STORMED…which wouldn’t have been bad, except we were completely OUTDOORS!!!  Edie talked to the Pastor, and we were allowed to come inside until the storm blew over.

Last year (2009), we had a new site which meant whole lots of paperwork.  We didn’t get inspected until the Friday before Camp when we were made aware of the NEWEST changes to Health Codes…Long story short, we had 4 people burning up the internet searching for criminal backgrounds, sex offender checks, and other required information… and somehow, we managed to get all the paperwork done for all 75 Adult volunteers in less than 3 hours so we could submit it completed before 5 pm!!!!  (I think this is when she got her 1st wrinkle, 1st gray hair, and 1st prescription for XANAX…)

This past year, I have hated her guts!!!!!  She has challenged me to be a better leader for MY pack and for Day Camp.  She wanted to know about Day Camp Activitites and Crafts.  She held me accountable as to how we were going to teach the Core Values through our Program and more.  Edie expected a better accounting of supplies and wanted us to make sure we were fiscally responsible stewards. She demanded MY best effort…(and even with me fighting), she helped me become a better Day Camp Director

Because of the financial downturn of the current econmy, our Day Camp attendance was WAAAAAYYYY down…  We only had 100 registered 3 weeks until start….  We called and called and called people…then sent email…then visited meetings….then called even more.  All through the process, Edie was right there to support us.  (We ended up with 154 which was down overall but a higher percentage than ever efore for our District at almost 20%)  When we needed 20 volunteers, Edie found them!  She allowed our program to grow and be executed. 

I will miss Edie Heinicke…but I will miss her ringtone the most…  It has changed with each Day Camp theme from a Pirate to Texas to Superhero to “Wheels on the Bus” (that last one is a whole ‘nother funny story!!!)

Edie, I wish you luck in your future and know that I really have enjoyed working with you to serve the Youth of East Texas.  Thanks for making my trip around this rock a whole lot better!!!

(And in a purely selfish way, I hope I have made a difference in her life, too!!!)

Trying to see if Dumpster Jumping is as fun as Bouncy House!!!


Rounding up the Director who tried to run away...Shame on you , Shurn!!!

When the storm hit, Edie ran outside and helped take down the ranges before they blew away!!!

Full of energy and "purty" 5pm on Day 4 after 100+ degree and running around all dayThe District supply....You should have seen it BEFORE she helped organize and inventory it!!! (She did more after this, too)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Aaron by chance I noticed this today. All I can say is thank you.


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