The Boat Theory…or maybe just some bad Mexican food too late at night

The other day I was sitting around wallowing in self-pity and thinking about the problems I had in life.  I was broke, bills due, no gas in car, no food in the pantry….the list goes on….I fell asleep and had a little dream (a vision if you will…but I ain’t no prophet…just some spicy Mexican food, I think…)

Here’s the dream:

I was out on the ocean on a sailboat all alone.  I haven’t ever sailed a big boat, but I was doing pretty good and minding my own business watching the birds fly by. After I while of this, I began to think about ALL my problems.  I was overwhelmed almost to tears.  No one understood.  No one cared.  About this time a fellow walked up beside me and said, “Get out of my boat!!!!”

I replied, “Sir, I have been sitting here for quite some time and am pretty sure NO ONE  especially you have been invited here.”

As he smacked in the back of the head, he exclaimed “OH no you didn’t!  I staked claim to this spot back in  19 and 80 and 7.”

Before I could muster a reply or regain my senses.  He calmly told me to look around this HUGE boat. I didn’t see anyone but me..and for the last 30 seconds HIM!  He laughed and said, “I didn’t see it either…the first time!”

So, we sat talking about things for the next few minutes before he told me to look around again…then it happened…I saw THEM!!!!  I saw hundreds of people on this boat.  They couldn’t see me.  The man told me that once you can see the others, you must leave the boat.

Here’s is what I learned from my little dream.  All people have problems and concerns.  The thing to realize is that EVERYONE else has them, too.  But I need to reach out and ask for help because I am pretty sure someone somewhere out there is going through the same thing.  As twitter friend, Mark Cleghorn (@mcleghorn) said this evening: I have to continuously remember that my very worst day would be someone else’s very best day.

And somehow, when I can overcome my selfishness and focus on helping someone else, my problems will not seem so bad.  Then maybe, the two of us who have overcome together can find two more people to help overcome…then the 4 of us can find more…. You see the exponentiality of the whole concept.  Pretty soon, there will be hope, love and harmony in the world…and ulitmately WORLD PEACE!!!

So now, I say unto you….GET OUT OF MY BOAT!!!

3 Responses to “The Boat Theory…or maybe just some bad Mexican food too late at night”
  1. Tabitha says:

    Love it! I RT’d that comment because you had RT’d it. Isn’t it the truth? Thank you for sharing!


  2. Kym Muse says:

    …….but I like being in your boat!


  3. tina denton says:

    thanks for sharing. so true and very inspiring. i needed that


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