Years ago, a person said I was FAKE!!  Me?  FAKE??? I am obnoxious and sometimes crazy…but never FAKE.

However, I started to think about being fake…(and y’all all know what happens when my mind goes a-wandering.)..

I must be fake…or at least partially fake… Think about it.. when I stay in water, I start to shrivel..just like cardboard.  If  I am cardboard, I could probably slow the process by coating my arms in wax before swimming or showering but think that would kind of negate the purpose of shampoo…and might clog the drains.  Of course, I could be Cubic Zirconia which brings up a whole ‘nother set of fun thoughts…

That was fun….wooooohooooo!  Now, taking a deep breath and continuing my thought.

Here are my top reasons people are fake, lie, and become generally sorry louts towards others..

  • siblings rubbed the soft spot in their head too much during childhood.
  • Need more fiber in their diets because they are “stove up” like a bear eating bark and grass to prepare for hibernation.
  • Not enough hugs in their lives.
  • Someone switched their coffee for Battery Acid.

It is real easy to be fake, though.  It is easy to bend to another’s will and become something THEY want you to be.  All that has caused in my life is misery inside me.  (So enough already of the pleasing others–except my Mom and Dad cuz I will suck it up and do pretty much whatever they want because they are who they are!!!). I have realized through these last years as Day Camp Director that some folks will NEVER be happy or content…  and what shuts them up is kindly walking over and giving them a long hug which I have talked about in another blog somewhere.

I remember a story about a Treasury Agent who was the best anti-counterfeiter detector person in the US.  He could tell within seconds real or fake.  One day someone asked him how he did it. He simply said, “I spend all my time studying REAL bills so that when something fake is given to me I can instantly see its flaws!”

For better or worse…..I am ME!!!  Mrs Peeler- my Kindergarten teacher- made me sit out and not get to make cookies because I was too loud 31 years ago.  Wendy and Tabitha called me loud and obnoxious 20 something years ago in English Honors class…My wife said that’s how I was when she first met me 13 years ago…I love life (often)…and love to serve others.  I can’t really change that…or really don’t want to.  So…if you’re having a bad day…I WILL HUG YOU!!!

So here’s to fake…if you can pull it off and not get ulcers!   If not, then enjoy life to its fullest and the world can take a flying leap!!!!!!!

2 Responses to “FAKE, FAKE, FAKE…”
  1. Tabitha says:

    OH MY:( Did I really say that? It must have struck a cord because you still remember it. I’m sorry Aaron!


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