Gilmer High School Class of 1990

Writer’s note:  This is a story I wrote for Senior Honors English Class in May 1990.  I was VERY bitter and unhappy (see many previous blogs referencing the FAT Tuba player).  I look back now and see how unhappy I was.  That I didn’t actually commit the suicide I planned almost everyday during High School can be attributed to several people who made life tolerable-ish.

I have been looking for this paper for the last year trying to find it in time for my 20 YEARS reunion. And pretty sure Mrs. Jones would still take points off because I am late…  So here it is….  I really have come a LONG WAY since then…

June 11, 2000- Gilmer TEXAS

The excellent class of 199o had its 1o year reunion today.  Seeing all those people brought back many memories…like Senior Prom,

Thomas Wood and his wife Froomhilda came over to me.  Thomas whoops out that picture of us decked out in boots and hats.  He in tux and me in my rebellion suit.  Fun times.  Thomas said he met Froomhilda at the Car Wash.   That was about two years ago; right after he got his Master’s in Horticulture Business Management.  He took the squeegy-man job because his degree is so useful.

Next up were T.G. and Dustin.  They had finally graduated two days prior with the class of 2000….but they are still part of our class.

Then, my most favorite person arrived…Wendy Bean.  In tow were Jimmy Junior, Kidney, Pinto, and little Lima Bean.   Wendy and James must have laughed like crazy with each child naming…or been stoned.  Wendy looked really good…what a change from High School.  I guess teaching kids does that to a person.  Pretty cool.

Casey Irons was here for a little while but said something about needing to get Blake Henson out of rehab..or bailing him out…not sure which.

Traci, our Class President, is here, too.  She ditched that EE Major and went into Physics.  She got her certification in teaching.  She came back and took Coach Fox’s place.

Coach Fox retired because none of his students could learn the concept.  I agree…the students are kind of dumb now.

All these people have changed so much.  I went to the Dee Dee Webb Memorial Punch Bowl. Todd and Chris were spiking the punch.  Paul has a huge gut….almost like he’s in his 3rd trimester.  I guess being Coors Vice-President for Quality/Taste didn’t help.

Eric King, our Valedictorian, has made it big.  He is Assistant Secretary of  State.  He had a bunch of guards surrounding him.

Brad is now a Psychiatrist and Marriage Counselor.  He’s pulling $120,000 or more a year.  What a life!

John…well, things haven’t changed too much.  He still draws all the time, except now he is getting paid.  He took over for Charles Schultz and has made Charlie Brown better than ever.

Amy is a world-famous model now.

Several people have died.  Tabitha used her computer degree to build the ULTIMATE Formula 1 Car.  She won the Indy 500 twice…she was going for her 3rd Pole and flipped in the final turn of the qualifying laps.  She had Rick Meares beat by 20 mph…but wanted to keep going.  She set the new record at 259.013.  But the speed was just too much for her frail body to withstand.  Bummer, huh.  Wish she were here so we could talk about the “old days.”

Mike bit it also….during a space walk to repair the new Space Station.  His suit sprang a leak.  At least it was quick.  Isn’t life weird.

That’s all the people I got to meet again because me and Mrs. Rob had a bureaucratic nonsense to finish by the morning for Mr. Ogg.  Life as a High School Counselor is tough considering there only 2 of us to deal with the 1735 students now at GHS.

Well…that’s my story and I’m “stinking” to it….  Here’s the 20 year later update….

Thomas Wood did get married finally…but not to Froomhilda…and has a wonderful family. Thomas was a constant source of joy and entertainment.  For some reason he tolerated me…especially my crazy ideas for the Frankenstein Project in Senior English.  He did get some sort of Masters Degree and even taught for a while… (My niece was in his class and thought he was funny…) Even though I don’t get to see him much these days, he is my Best Friend ever…and I still laugh like crazy EVERY time I see that picture

Jimmy and Wendy Bean have 2 beautiful daughters NOT named after legumes…and Wendy DOES indeed teach ENGLISH (got that one right!)

Casey Irons is married and is NOT a drunk anymore.  He recently moved to San Angelo to be General Sales Manager for a huge Honda dealership there.

Blake Henson is….well Blake.  He works hard and is a fairly decent fellow!

Traci Haws (Clarke) decided against Physics and EE, getting her degree from UT-Austin in Psychology and English.  She has a cute little, growing family.

Paul Wilson…has no gut.  He has a wonderful wife and handsome little boy.  He was a Bank Officer…and still has the MOST BESTEST Birthday ever… (even if I had to share being the Birthday Boy Lunch Line Leader in Ms. Peeler’s Kindergarten Class.)

Chris Chandler hooked up recently with a fellow classmate…and they are happy together.  He has a good paying job.  And is a good person, too!

Brad Shipman got a degree in History and was bald like a Jesuit Priest at our 10 year reunion.  I believe he went into the Ministry and is providing good guidance for today’s youth

John Sites died several years ago.  He had so many dreams and ideas.  I lost touch after graduation.  John was a true friend who maybe didn’t always understand me…but accepted me anyways.  He will be greatly missed.

Amy Warren (Gootee) is NOT a model…but could pull it off without effort.  She has a cute little family.  And last I heard she was working for Dr Pepper!!!!

Tabitha Eddy (Hall) gave up her car racing thing and became a Mom. Her blog is funny and details the life she and her “Little Man: have together.  She works….and is going back to college to finish her degree…and yes, I still enjoy picking on her whether on Facebook, Twitter…or sometimes see her around Longview.

Mike Ragland is also still alive.  He has been in Air Force almost 20 years now- he’s like a General or Admiral or something really important- and is stationed near DC doing important military work.  He has a great wife and family.

Coach Fox taught several more years…and was still trying to get students to “learn the concept.”  He quit smoking later, but died of Lung Cancer (i think) several years ago.

Mrs Rob retired several years later.  She looks beautiful as ever still.  I see her at football games and still love her to death.  She is a great person and kept me partially sane during those years.

Gilmer High School is a mid-sized 3A school with 650-ish students.  They finally have a WINNING football program with 2 State Championships now.  The academics are great, too!

…and finally me…I haven’t changed much…still loud and obnoxious.  My wife, Mary, is the most wonderful, sweet, cuddly, and adorable woman in the world and has put up with me for 12 years and counting every minute of the funnest journey together.  I am a Paramedic which is kind of like being a Counselor except do the talking at 70 mph going down the road while poking folks with a HUGE needle.  Think this is a MUCH better deal!!!!

One Response to “Gilmer High School Class of 1990”
  1. Bill Simpson says:

    that was very informative and at the same time kind of sad! i have missed my class reunions due to a compromised immune system the ninetys seems so far behind us


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