Please Release Me, Let Me Go!!!

I like the movie “The Guardian.”  Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher star in this movie about Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers.  when asked how Costner decides who to save, he replies, ” Save the ones you can.  And let the rest go!” In the final scene, the two are fighting to save folks trapped in a … Continue reading

Ain’t No Garbage….We’re in This FOREVER!!!

My dad sent this story in an email a few weeks ago…I have a special folder on Outlook for his “stuff.”  He sends links to all sorts of articles, stories, cartoons, etc.  I get to them….eventually!!  This is the exact story I needed for today. One day I hopped in a taxi and we took … Continue reading

Sharpening the Knife…by Justin Deason

Here is the mini-sermon my 11 year old son gave in Children’s Sunday School back in February….I sent this to a friend who posted on his website… I highly recommend this site for its great source of information! Note to my friend: My son crossed over to Boy Scouts in December.  He went to … Continue reading