Jesus Loves the little Children…and sometimes Me, too!!!

“You can make excuses or make progress.  The choice is yours today!”

Brittney Hibbs (@brittneyhibbs) retweeted this thought attributed to Renee Schulte (@reneeschulte).  So, I searched Mrs. Schulte… by profession she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor…and an Iowa State Representative HD 37.  Seems like the way our Legislature is going this is a fitting match.   Get out!!! It is amazing where the inspiration comes from.

Yesterday, I went to give boy talks at a local Elementary school and help another Pack since ours does not recruit youth.  He did a brief introduction of our assembled rally crew.  Then, he got to me…Eagle Scout, Cub Master,  fun guy….blah, blah, blah…  I earned Eagle Scout…but outside the Scouting community some may not understand exactly what that means.

I have blogged about “Being a Scout.”  When I got up and told some stories about how Scouting has changed my life and the values I learned, I relived those fun and exciting years…and it made me happy inside.

I remember when our son was in 1st Grade.  He had an awesome teacher, Mrs. Melissa Troell.  She was kind yet firm.  We knew she was going to be great when she did a cartwheel because all the class completed a project on time…I got it on video, too!!!  One day we had a conversation with Mrs. Troell- we had many that year…but in a good way…we were trying to learn better ways to teach our son.  (This whole Home School thing started long ago and we have been teaching him outside of school…we just made it official 2 years ago).

I was a VERY active PTA person back then and was working hard to help the school and wanted some information about the students’ needs.  Now, here is the disturbing part of the conversation… we are talking 7-8 year olds.  22 students in this class…

  • 11 had visited a close relative (Mom, Dad, Uncle, etc) in jail in the last 3 months.
  • 8 lived with someone besides a Parent (Grandparent, Aunt/Uncle, etc)
  • 5 had seen DIRECT “badness” whether drive by shooting, drug deals, etc.
  • 3 had been taken away from their homes by Child Protective Services
  • Only 4 had Original Parents  (since then 2 of those have divorced).

She did not name the kids or point out which ones they were either…but I had my ideas. But despite…or maybe IN SPITE of their circumstances, most of these kids were good in their hearts.  They had had not lost love or hope.  they wanted to study, learn, and become Astronuats, Actors, Doctors, and much more.

What I realized is that kids dream…and dream big.  My only job as a Parent is to foster the dream.  My only job as a Mentor is to help teach and guide towards whatever path the child chooses.  My only job as a HUMAN BEING is to love the children…. because I figure if Jesus quit everything that one day and told Peter to stuff it so He could be near and bless the children…I ain’t no better than HIM and I’d better get tocracking and MAKE SOME PROGRESS!!!

Still can’t believe I was ACTUALLY inspired by a politician today…but stranger things have happened!

2 Responses to “Jesus Loves the little Children…and sometimes Me, too!!!”
  1. Tabitha says:

    Children are our future~I believe that we are commanded to love the little children. I’m thankful you realize that and I’m thankful I have the opportunity to work with so many children. They always (ALWAYS) bless me more than I’m sure I could ever bless them.


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