Adventures with Ratty McRatts and the Death Star

“Never underestimate the power of  a small, one-manned fighter.”- Lord Palpatine

Lord Palpatine (@LordPalpatine) posted this on @Twitter the other day.  Yes, I follow the Dark Side…just because LordP, @DarthVader, @DeathStarPR, and @CobraCommander are so funny.  It doesn’t take much to make me laugh these days.  I highly recommend you follow these folks…and get on Twitter because it is FUN!

When I read this the other day, I chuckled for a few minutes and shared with Mary (@mdeason123).  She just rolled her eyes.  The boy and I love all those Sci-Fi shows like that…  Mary…not too much a fans.  She is more of “A Walk to Remember,” “”You’ve Got Mail,” “PS- I love you” person.

Onto my thoughts…

What is the actual power of one?

Mathematically, it is the number itself.  In speeches, it means NO audience.  Socially, it means alone.  Three Dog Night bemoaned this fact in a classic written by Harry Nilsson:

One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
Two can be as bad as one
It’s the loneliest number since the number one

No is the saddest experience you’ll ever know
Yes, it’s the saddest experience you’ll ever know
`Cause one is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do
One is the loneliest number, worse than two…

Years ago, I lived in a run-down, one room log cabin shack in the middle of the woods.  Let me describe the lavish amenities:

  • No running water nor indoor plumbing to speak of  (I had to draw it up from the creek in order to wash the dishes or take a shower.  The Great Outdoors is okay for a shower in the August heat…but in January and 28 degrees…makes for a quick, cold experience).
  • No Air Conditioning
  • Phone unreliable
  • No Cell Service (Not that I had one nor anyone to call)
  • Had to cook using an old wood-burning stove with holes in the chimney stack which filled the shack with smoke.

The saddest part is that I had a “pet” rat.  Me and Ratty McRatts had a good working relationship.  He had run of the place at night, but had to stay put during the day.  I often left a little food on my plate when I left for work each night which he would dutifully clean. (but somehow he always forgot to wash the dishes…and always left the toilet seat up, too.) Then, he died.  I am not going to describe how I found out…but it was pretty disgusting…  So now, I didn’t even have “Ratty McRatts” anymore.   I was truly lonely…sad, lonely, and rat-less.  I felt that no one knew me…or cared.  Long story longer…Just like Ratty, I longed to get away from the hurt inside.  It was the worst point of my life EVER.  I was in the deepest, darkest depression know to “Aaron-kind.”  It was a LONG and sad year of solitude.

Then IT happened…a certain young lady asked me out on a date…ENTER the “No Longer Lonely” Phase…and it has been a wonderful 13 year ride since!!!  It is amazing what LOVE can do to “mend a broken heart…and let me live again”  (I know…you are now singing the Bee Gees…) Mary has made me a MUCH better person…and I am pretty happy.

I know LordP didn’t mean it this way….but seriously…a small, one-man fighter broke through the depths and blew up the Death Star in my heart!!!  (looking back…Luke did get a little help from Han Solo… So, I guess, Mary is MY Han!!!  Sweet… I have always wanted a sidekick!  i am sure more eye rolling from her right about now… Of course, I may just be HER “pet rat”)

PS… Happy Birthday, Mary!  I love you bunches!!!


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