Sharpening the Knife…by Justin Deason

Here is the mini-sermon my 11 year old son gave in Children’s Sunday School back in February….I sent this to a friend who posted on his website… I highly recommend this site for its great source of information!

Note to my friend:

My son crossed over to Boy Scouts in December.  He went to Winter Camp 3 weeks later and earned 3 Eagle Required Merit Badges…and is really close to 2nd Class… it’s still kind of cold to go swimming…when the weather gets above 65, he told me he is so jumping in and start swimming!  He wants to be Eagle that much.

(Author’s Note:   Justin has since earned 1st Class and earned 14 more Merit Badges since then.  He is excited to be Quartermaster for the Troop and Den Chief for a Local Pack!)

“Sharpening the Knife”

I love to watch my dad cook, and I often get to help him.  We have over 50 different knives in the house, but my Dad loves and uses only 1 knife.  No one in the house can use it…not even my mom!

One day, he was chopping up a ton of onions for some beef stew.  After completing the task, he wiped the blade clean and grabbed a little black thing.  He ran the knife through it 10 times then cut up the roast.  It was pretty big; so, about half way through, he cleaned the blade again and ran in through the black thing again several.

I asked, “What is that?”

“A knife sharpener.” He replied.

I didn’t understand what it was or how it worked.  He got a piece of paper and cut it with the newly sharpened knife.  It sliced right through.  My dad handed me the knife and let me see how easy it was to cut the paper.

My dad then finished cutting up that big old roast. After he finished, he called me over again.  He cleaned the blade before handing it to me. He handed me the same piece of paper and told me to cut it with the knife.  It was much harder this time.  It wouldn’t cut easily, and I stabbed the paper at one point.

He explained that everything I do in life dulls my knife.  Going to Church, praying, study God’s word, serving our neighbors, and all that good Churchy stuff help me to Sharpen my Knife. Adding Scouts and other great adventures of service keep the blade ready for when it will be called into action.  He called all this stuff “Building a testimony and growing closer to God.”  He said it was a good thing because one day, the Devil is going to come knocking…and I want my sharpest knife ready to persuade Him to go away!

2 Responses to “Sharpening the Knife…by Justin Deason”
  1. Michelle Brannon says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing. May I have permission to retell at campfire?


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