The Name Game

Last week, Carter Mayes died from injuries sustained in a wreck.  Carter was a 6 year old Tiger Cub Scout in Hallsville.  On the day of his funeral, local Scouts form a Flag line at the cemetery to honor Carter.  I was at work and could not attend.  Mary said it was an awesome display … Continue reading

Making Christmas REAL this year

The sermon today was on how to become a more thankful person this season… He added some scriptures and stories which I may try to get later… But here is the crux of his message. A way to become more thankful and closer to God Dec 13 Give a gift to someone else Dec 14 … Continue reading

The Long and Whiney Road

It has been quite some time since my lost blog.  So much has been going on…  At one point my company was short 14 people which means LOTS of overtime. I have been working 24-24, 36-36, or some other variation to the tune of 160- 180 hours every 2 weeks.  And y’all, that seriously took … Continue reading