Making Christmas REAL this year

The sermon today was on how to become a more thankful person this season… He added some scriptures and stories which I may try to get later… But here is the crux of his message. A way to become more thankful and closer to God

Dec 13 Give a gift to someone else

Dec 14 make a list of things you would like to GIVE to others

Dec 15 Make a Christmas treat and give someone in the Ward

Dec 16 Give service to someone..find someone

Dec 17 Spend time with Family or Friends and read Luke 2 and talk about Christmas

Dec 18 Spend time with Widow/Elderly/shut in and talk about their Christmas past

Dec 19 Write in your journal what Christmas means to you

Dec 20 Go caroling around neighborhood or spend time together singing at home

Dec 21 Express in prayers thankfulness for the Gift of the Savior and his sacrifice

Dec 22 Write a letter to parents expressing appreciation for things they have done for me

Dec 23 Make a resolution to be a happier and better person

Dec 24 Share our testimony of the Savior with others

Dec 25 Find someone to share with and GIVE meaningful gift to them


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