The Name Game

Last week, Carter Mayes died from injuries sustained in a wreck.  Carter was a 6 year old Tiger Cub Scout in Hallsville.  On the day of his funeral, local Scouts form a Flag line at the cemetery to honor Carter.  I was at work and could not attend.  Mary said it was an awesome display for a good kid who passed through life too soon.

Justin enjoying the heater with the dogs

It was a very beautiful day outside.  And as per our usual on wonderful days, Mary let all the dogs out prior to going to the services.  The pack loves to run with us to the end of the driveway.  Well, Mary ran over our female Daschund, Daisy.  Mary said Justin was VERY brave and scooped up the dog and held her as they drove to the Vet.  Outwardly, she only had a few scrapes and abrasions; yet she wasn’t acting normal.  Dr Davenport, our vet at Spencer’s Vet, assumed patient care from Justin who by this time “was shaking and trying to console her.”

Long story short, Mary got a phone call an hour later saying that Daisy had massive internal injuries and has succumbed.  Mary was devastated.  I could hear the tears in her voice.  Our little male, Luke, went into doggy depression.  He didn’t eat.  He just laid there all day.  (Which is not normal… don’t get me wrong, he lays around all day usually but he at least moves around to different spots to do it!)

Short story longer…On Saturday, we got a sympathy card from our Vet and staff.  This was the most touching and kind act I have ever seen.  These people really do care…even if it was “just a dog.”

Yesterday, Mary got a cryptic phone call from her sister to meet up.  Mary came by the station…with a NEW 9 week  old Daschund…  now the dilema… WHAT to name her???

So, that is what Mary posted on Facebook last night…I was amzed at the content this generated in about 30 minutes…

So…if you have endured thus far… here’s the name game…winner gets to name the weiner!!!  Send us your names…

5 Responses to “The Name Game”
  1. scouteradam says:

    Olive as in Mrs. Baden-Powell


  2. Bryan says:

    Smythe…BP’s middle name 🙂

    or Baden….works for boy or girl 🙂


  3. Buttons says:

    I was going to suggest Buttons, because it is an awesome name, but I see some dude already suggested that, so I would like to suggest Dragon. The name of Dragon will inspire confidence. It will also give us both a puppy with the same name.


  4. Tabitha says:

    Wanta Cracker

    Just a few!


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