A $13.54 Wal-Mart Gift Card

Now the title is quite misleading….but not as much as your would think.  In the Latter-Day Saints culture, the ultimate place to be is the Temple.  And to have the privilege of entering, one must live up to certain standards.  These include among other things to have faith in the atonement of Jesus Christ, no smoking, no drinking, no illegal drugs, don’t kill, don’t steal (and the rest of the BIG 10), and supporting Church Leaders.  Those are pretty easy for me.

The one that has held me back from going back is paying a full 10% tithe to the Church.  Over the last years, I would “play” paying tithing… I would pay some for a little then take time off for me. It was more random payments…kinda like a Monty Python movie.

Now, tithing is NOT new.  An old dead dude named Malachi chastized the entire nation of Israel in  8:10-12.  Summed up, don’t pay and cursed…pay up and not so much!  The Lord says quite clearly, “Prove me now herewith if I will not open the windows of Heaven.”  The Lord is throwing out a challenge… a triple dog dare, if you will.  Except this one will not end up getting my tongue stuck to a frozen flagpole.

So finally after 10 or so years,  I “got over myself” and ponied up to the table of the Lord.  It really wasn’t about the tithing, either…it was about ME changing my attitude towards the Lord..and my attitude towards myself.  I have “gone” to Church…but have not been at Church.  I held back my best effort from my family and the Lord.  Long story longer, I wasn’t a very Christian or a very good me!!!

Enough about what I was…here’s the rest of the story…  I began doing all the things my Mama and Daddy raised me to do.  My temper began to fade away.  I was able to conquer the MANY little things that “easily beset” me.  I paid my tithes..and gave more of my time to fulfilling Church and family responsibilities.  I still fought the Lord at times because the road most traveled is easier and less likely to get any notice from Satan (Lucifer, Scratch, The Devil, whatever you want to call him).  And very slowly, I became happier inside!

What we realized is that we waste a lot of money on junk..needless junk.  And we would buy that junk instead of paying our bills or the Lord.  We screened our phone calls because we owed EVEYONE money!

With our change of heart came a change in focus to pay God first, bills second, ourselves third…and our beloved “junk” last!!!  And lo and behold, we were actually able to do MORE now with less money.  By following the Lord’s will and paying our part, we have gotten numerous blessings. And yes, we have gone back to the Temple for the first time in over 10 year….and it has done wonders for us as a family.

Now…for the title of this blog…. We had about $15 in our bank account with a week until payday.  We needed to get food for the dogs.  Well, this morning, there was a layer ice on the car.  So, I looked through my wallet to find a card to scrape it off.  There in the back of my wallet was an old Walmart gift card.  I am not sure how long it had been in there…maybe months or more…  Anyways, after scraping the ice, I called to check the balance…and sure enough $13.54… Get the heck out!!

And in the back of my mind, I KNEW the Lord loves me and things will be okay  in my life!

2 Responses to “A $13.54 Wal-Mart Gift Card”
  1. tkehall says:

    He is ALWAYS faithful to those that is faithful to HIM!!


  2. tkehall says:

    Ummm….that are…not that is! :))


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