The Deason Low Adventure Base

In Scouting, the pinnacle of success in High Adventure is to earn the Triple Crown.  The Triple Crown represents a visit to each of the High Adventure bases in the US.  Those are : Philmont, Sea Base, and Northern Tier.

People who go to and experience these places are pretty danged adventurous.  I give my hand to them. I will never get down to the weight requirements to go hiking at Philmont, fishing/scuba/deep sea adventures at Sea Base, or portage a canoe across Northern Tier.  So, what about those fat suckers like me?

Justin said he was going to be a millionaire!!  Sweetness!  And with that money, he was going to build a place for people who don’t like hiking, fishing, or canoeing.  Instead of a HIGH Adventure Base, we are going to build a LOW Adventure Base!  That’s right folks, a place finally for the “not so physically strong” folks in the world.

Here is what we plan to have:

  • 3 HUGE Computer Labs with T1 connections
  • Wi-fi enabled Air Conditioned Dormitories.
  • 15000 sq ft Air Conditioned Conference Center
  • INDOOR Air Conditioned Water Park
  • Complete Science Laboratory
  • Interactive Movie Room
  • Auditorium
  • Observatory
  • The Wii Room

Now, this seems to out of keeping with Scout Spirit of adventure.  But unlike most Camps, we are going to focus on the “Nerd” Merit Badges.  Pretty much if there is a badge that doesn’t require actually going outside in the woods, we are going to cater to the needs of Scouts like an unnamed person I am married to that doesn’t like outdoors, chiggers, or camping.  The Deason Low Adventure Base will become the mecca of  High Tech Adventures.

  • Cinematography
  • Chemistry
  • Computers
  • Compostie Materials
  • Astronomy
  • Electronics
  • Graphic Arts
  • Inventing
  • Robotics
  • Geocaching
  • Model Design and Building
  • Space Exlporation
  • Theater

Now, the hard part… You hike in the mountains of Philmont, you get a Bull to put on your shoulder.  After several hours of discussion, we found the ultimate patch that attendees can put on their Red Wool Jacket…

wait for it….

Don’t hate.   It really is a dream.  Maybe instead of blogging, I should get off the couch and go hiking with the boy!  May not make it to Philmont but I really can enjoy the outdoors.

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