The 1000 mile Journey

As many of you know, thanks to Arnold Turcking, I ended up in a ditch on the side FM 14 on January 24, 2010.  This set off a course of events that has changed my life. When the ambulance was flipping over and I saw the ground coming closer, I knew in my heart that I was going to die.  And for the first time in a long time, I was at peace.  No regrets!

I saw the video a few weeks after the accident.  It was very disturbing..I had to leave the room to go cry.  I saw my body go to the top of the truck, my neck bend to almost breaking point, and relived the whole thing.  In the video, I was holding a Sprite can which you could see being crushed.  Several weeks later, we saw the now totaled truck. My partner found the crushed can and gave it to me.  (I had the can in the kitchen window at the house in Kelsey for 18 months.  I looked at it everyday and thought about life in a whole new way.  In July 2011, we had packed the house in anticipation of the move when we went to Dallas to spend a few days with my Grandmother.  While gone, someone broke into our house stole the box in which the can was packed!!!  As we drove down the drive to never look back at Kelsey again, we noticed a glint…a small reflection in the grass.  It was THE CAN!!!…but i digress…)

After the wreck, i began to think about my priorities….and slowly those changed from making a boatload of money to family time and a simpler life.  Amazingly, Mary was all on board with this idea.  We DID church instead of just going once a week.  We put God more fully into our lives…and our home was happier!

Job stress and other factors led me to quit my job in January.  I fully expected to find one within a few weeks.  WRONG!!!!  500 applications later…and months later…nothing!!!  I did have 5 or so 2nd interviews…but NO job!  Somewhere along the line, I had applied for financial aid…and was approved for loans….but didnt know it at the time.

We put our house on the market to allow quick moving if needed to relocate for a job.  The first offer on the house came while I was at Camp…about the same time I found out that I had received financial aid.  Talking to a good friend at Camp, I realized I needed to go back to school and complete the degree started so many years ago.  Everything now fell into place..our house sold, we found a wonderful new apartment, and I found out i only had 34 hours to graduation!  Awesomeness!

To celebrate this new life, I looked for a goal.  Something that would push me to the limit… WALK 1000 miles.  What was I thinking???

Thankfully, the dog loves walking.  Luke was a fat, old daschund.  He has been there every morning on this journey…some days I am a little more motivated…some days, he is more motivated.  It is a fun litte trip each morning…and i never know what trail we will tackle on the UTTyler Bike course.  He has lost about 5 pounds …Me…I’m getting there slowly and surely…

On August 15, 2011…one week before school started, I began walking…and have been posting updates on twitter and facebook about my progress.  Mary and Justin have supported this journey and go out with me sometimes. When my knees began to ache, we added swimming and biking to the mix.  The dog doesnt go on the bike…but he does lay by the pool as I do laps.

This is an actual journey..not a metaphor as a friend asked…it is putting down my left foot then my right over and over and over.  It is pedalling in heat and NOT drowning.  Is it hard????  Absolutely!!!!   It is about finally doing something I can be proud of…and completing an impossible goal.

A few weeks ago, we took that stolen but found can to East Texas Trophy and had it framed.  The people thought it was crazy…until they heard the story.   I have the can in my little study corner of our house.  Because, I know with Mary, Justin, and the dog, WE CAN!

3 Responses to “The 1000 mile Journey”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Good Job on a wonderful essay, let me just adjust your last statement just a little bit, With GOD, Mary, Justin and the dog, you can!!! I am so proud for all of you, you are a testament to God’s will and God’s love. I love the journey of 1,000 miles,, we,each, should have such a goal. By the way, what is your major?



  2. Chandra says:

    Amazing,beautiful, awesome


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