Interesting Answers

Not sure if I will get the position, but here are my answers. 

1.      Why are you interested in this job?

By working as an Academic Advising Center Graduate Assistant, I will be able to help others students continue on their educational journey.

2.      Of what accomplishment are you most proud?

Taking one single step is my biggest accomplishment. I could not walk 20 feet without tiring. I took a step…and another until I had walked or ridden my bicycle over 1000 miles. That single step was my biggest challenge- bigger challenge than quitting a good-paying job to complete my degree after 20 years. It was with this one small, tiring step that I realized I can do anything.

3.      With what sort of person would you least like to work?

I can work with anyone.  My career as a Paramedic taught me valuable skills in dealing with very diverse personalities.

4.      What are your views on customer service?

The customer is not always correct.  The customer is always the customer and deserves good treatment and kindness regardless of his/her attitude towards me.  By listening to their concerns first, I can help them resolve their questions more easily and make the experience better.

5.      How would you cope with the inevitable stresses and pressures of the job?

I ride my bike a lot.  As a Paramedic, I have seen more people than I want to count take their final breath.  This is stress and lots of pressure. However, before those scenarios ever occurred, I had spent many hours learning and practicing the algorithms so that when the worst happened, I did not have to think- the reaction became instinctual.  Prior preparation and training allowed me to relax and focus on treating the patient.  This is the key to dealing with stress…and also, riding my bike a lot!


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