Why I Do It?

Some people ask why I am doing whatever I am doing at the present moment.  Some wonder why a 40-something went back to school to complete a Bachelors…then a Masters…then a PhD and move halfway across the US.  Some wonder why I play Camp Director and sleep in a tent every summer..and a week in the winter.  Some wonder why I ride my bike. The answer is simple…but I will save the answer for later.

I need to differentiate between can and do…

Can is the innate ability to perform an action.  Can means I have the time and the energy necessary. Can means I want to something.  Can is the potential, which unless acted upon is useless.  Cans are great for storing nails, but not so good for living life.

Do is performing the action.  This involves action and energy…and sometimes, DO is very tough.  Do might mean working 50+ hours per week  to provide for the family.  Do is actually going to school and studying late into the night instead of spending much-needed time with a VERY patient wife.  Doing is going on the camp out with the Scouts. Do is jumping on, riding,and sometimes falling off a 10 foot bridge and getting a huge hole in the leg.  Doing is LIVING.  It is only when I do something that I feel alive. And living is totally awesome.

I am not saying living is easy.  It was not easy quitting a $50,000+ a year job to make less than $18,000 per year as a student.  We have scraped and fought through undergrad and grad school.  Thus, one of my hardest choices was seeking a PhD.  I sometimes wonder why we chose to live ANOTHER four years like this.  I could have taken a lecturer position and began teaching for the next 20 years.  However, thanks to Drs. Cali, Kidd, Matthews, and Velten, I realized I NEEDED more knowledge to find the answers to the questions I had throughout grad school.  I freaked out for almost 4 months waiting to hear from anyone.  It was not easy, once accepted into a program, to locate housing.  My mama said, “If it is easy, it is probably not worth doing.  The best growth comes from the hard stuff.”

Easy is for sissies… So, why do I do stuff?  Because I want to do the most, live the most, and help folks along the way to DO the most they can DO. Seems like a idealistic view?  It is!!!  But why not try to make my world where the clouds are always blue with orange polka dots a reality for others?

BTW…we might need a little help loading the truck on July 21st. 


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