Is a camel without humps still useful?

For those who do not know, I have been a Summer Camp Director for the past 3 years. Our camp is medium-sized with a crew of around 40 staffers. We host over 650 Scouts and 150 leaders per 3 week Summer session.  But what does this have to do with camels and humps?

As I reflected on this recently ended season, I wondered several things.  What would one call a camel without a hump? Would a humpless camel still be useful? A camel without a hump is called a horse…and no, it is not useful in the desert.  What????

  Oftentimes, I have tendency to think an idea had only ONE place.  This summer I saw a staffer struggle and really suck in one area (we almost fired the poor fellow).  How could he not be great in that area?  On paper, he had the correct qualifications and attributes. However, when i finally removed my head from you know where, we reassigned him, and he excelled.  He was one of our unsung heroes of the summers. 

So, what I am saying is a humpless camel is useless in the desert, but it might be fairly useful somewhere else.  The challenge in life is putting the right people in the right place…or maybe, making sure I prioritize my life to make sure I am doing the right things using the best tools. 

So, here’s to hoping you find the best camel … horse…moose…chicken…or  humpback whale (not useful in the desert either) that you need in your life.


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