Sandals and weird tan lines…. 450 miles and counting

I often talk about riding on my blog.  .  I had an 8 mile round trip at least 2 (and sometimes 3) days a week to Tyler Junior College while in the Writing Center for 3 semesters.  However, I realized during Graduate School riding was more than means of transportation.  It became a way to deal with stress.

When we arrived in Indianapolis, I had a month of free time (and little money); so, I rode for pleasure. I still ride for pleasure, but also for stress.  Each mile…each crank moves me closer to something I cannot describe. We have been in Indianapolis for 3 months now… I have ridden 450 miles.  Yes, 450!

Along the way, I have had occasional company.  Justin and Robert have done a hundred of those miles with me.  But mostly it is me against ME out there.  I have learned a few things:

1. Socks are totally optional with sandals, but I have a weird 3 striped tan line on my feet from riding.20141025_195004


2. Sunrises and sunsets are more beautiful with the wind in my face

10534687_10202597584282380_8379756752075364593_n (1)10358861_10203065793427316_3942843992139228228_n10689417_10202881769986845_7011980185763216893_n10458985_10202668254649095_3092187592182518109_o


3. I see some crazy beautiful stuff out there. 

10644965_10203108094684821_2130393372606117687_n10153066_10202992567676718_6815594026557988348_n 10393889_10203108059643945_1996941507615547947_n  10559860_10202651581832285_7247160911624886971_n 10628149_10203088711680258_4725628222878192302_n  10458024_10202621638443719_2443060327239544606_n20140904_114243_Richtone(HDR)20140806_19234720140929_11413310639679_10203066316520393_8343017691106766215_n20140808_19331120140908_121127_Richtone(HDR)10458344_10203047113040318_2251444066188231655_n20140909_17414410645159_10202830028053329_8435121885002389012_n20140903_114437


4. I am fairly stress-free. Granted PhD studies will get harder and the temperatures will drop, but I will press on… I mean, how cold can it get???


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