It’s only 22* F outside… no time for socks on the road…

On July 23, 2014, we left Tyler.  It was 98*.  In Indianapolis today (November 13, 2014), it was


Yes….22* with windchill of 9*.  And yes, I wore sandals with NO socks.


and later today, it snowed!!! I wish the video would upload, but it is on my Facebook page.  And to top it off, the Comm Studies Department hooked us up with some business cards.  I know, they are generic, but nonetheless, they are cards…


When I left the University at 9pm, it was still 22*.  Good thing it was only a 2.5 mile ride home in sandals with no socks. I have learned my lesson.  It was cold.  VERY COLD.  My feet were not so cold as my shins because my pants ride up. I have learned how to layer.   I have a fleece pull over that I wear under a light wind breaker, which keeps my core VERY warm.  I was sweating….

I think life is much like riding in the cold.  I’ve got to wear the right stuff…and keep layers on to protect myself.  I am not saying to keep folks out, but to not get offended easily by people.  I also am finding joy in so many new things and appreciate the little warm buildings after a bike ride.

BTW…I am looking forward to more cold weather riding.  Can’t wait until it gets REALLY COLD!!!  Will definitely wear socks.


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