INto the Ditch: 10 seconds that saved my life

Author’s Note: I wrote this memoir in Fall 2012 during my first semester of my Masters program.  It was the first time I explored my feelings about that event.  The capitalized  IN was done on purpose and reflects the entire episode.  While I am not proud of some of the language, it shows where I … Continue reading

The Joys of a Negative Degree ride…

I am a good cyclist and have ridden several thousand miles since August East Texas.  It got cold there… in the 20s once or twice.  Over the past month, as temperatures have fallen in Indianapolis, I have continued riding.  I did a short 7 mile ride yesterday (Jan 7, 2015) with temps in the … Continue reading

Sandals and weird tan lines…. 450 miles and counting

I often talk about riding on my blog.  .  I had an 8 mile round trip at least 2 (and sometimes 3) days a week to Tyler Junior College while in the Writing Center for 3 semesters.  However, I realized during Graduate School riding was more than means of transportation.  It became a way to deal … Continue reading