Sitting and Waiting…

PLEASE DO NOT READ the FIRST SENTENCE IF YOU HAVE ANY FOOD OR DRINK IN YOUR MOUTH!!!   I am WIDELY known and praised for my patience and empathy.   Now that you have gotten a good laugh for the day, let me explain why I might lack empathy.  I can trace it back to … Continue reading

LIfe is….

(Writer’s Note: I wrote this for COMM 5301: Literature of Journalism.  It is one of my Masters classes this semester at the University of Texas at Tyler.  We are studying Literary Journalsim, which is like fiction…except true.  This is my memoir about an event that happened in my life…the blue italics are me- pure ME. ) … Continue reading

The Boat Theory…or maybe just some bad Mexican food too late at night

The other day I was sitting around wallowing in self-pity and thinking about the problems I had in life.  I was broke, bills due, no gas in car, no food in the pantry….the list goes on….I fell asleep and had a little dream (a vision if you will…but I ain’t no prophet…just some spicy Mexican food, … Continue reading