Faith and Fear

Sometimes when it is late in the game, you gotta punt on first down even when you’re down by 10 points. I began this particular blog in April 2011.  All it had was the title and the quote.  For some reason I quit the blog and moved on. People fear Ebola, Hamas, terrorists, marriage, etc. … Continue reading

Thoughts about my 1000 mile journey

“The  Final Countdown” was blaring in my headset when the announcer on my workout tracker said, “You have reached your goal.  13 miles in 57 minutes  37 seconds.”  This shattered my 13 mile personal best time by 2 minutes.  I was happy and emotional. My mind drifted to January 24, 2010 1:13pm… My partner, Bill, … Continue reading

The Boat Theory…or maybe just some bad Mexican food too late at night

The other day I was sitting around wallowing in self-pity and thinking about the problems I had in life.  I was broke, bills due, no gas in car, no food in the pantry….the list goes on….I fell asleep and had a little dream (a vision if you will…but I ain’t no prophet…just some spicy Mexican food, … Continue reading